Are you a casino bonus hunter

Bonus hunting, bonus whoring, bonus bagging, bonus abuse, it is all about the same subject: players who try to make money by using bonuses offered by online casinos. So, in fact it is your game style that determines whether you are you a bonus hunter or a casual gambler? We think that the longer you play in casinos, the more experience you gain with bonuses, and for that reason you are increasingly turning to bonus hunting. It’s a matter of learning by doing … In other words, you have to become a ‘smart’ online casino player because only then, you can make huge profits out of bonus hunting. Naturally, online casinos don’t really like bonus hunting players. Bonus hunting is not officially prohibited.

To the origin of bonuses

Why give casinos bonuses to players? On first sight, you should think that they are crazy because they give free stuff to their (new) subscribers … First of all, casinos are not crazy: new customers must be encouraged not only to sign up but also to return to the casino and spent more money in their casino. Keep them busy marketing! So, the bonuses were born with all kinds of variants: sign up bonus, no deposit bonus, multiple bonus, split bonus, bingo bonus, reload bonus, weekly bonus offers, daily bonus offers, first deposit bonus, loyalty bonuses (in form of comp points that can be exchanged for money), free spins, etc. but keep in mind: usually a (small) amount of your own cash is involved to gain a profit from all these promotions available!

Bonus hunting strategy

The tactics used are very simple: sign up at as much gambling sites as you want with the sole intention of claiming the bonus. Play, try to make a profit, withdraw your win, and move on to the next casino website. Difficult? Not at all… Why are we not all millionaires?

Hot issues

• Do not make any illusions, it’s not that easy! During the past years, some things have changed. For example, casinos nowadays are not as generous anymore. They still offer free stuff but have built a lot of limitations in the field of meeting the required terms and conditions. They have made their T&S’s a lot stricter, so making a bonus profit is still possible, but the chance that you become ‘a winner’ is rare! The times of very player friendly bonus offers like a 300% deposit match bonus with 10 times wagering requirement and no game restrictions and quick profits are over. On the other hand: you can spent a lot of time and energy on chasing bonuses, you can always have bad luck!
• Another determining factor is the restriction of games available. The so called ‘low house edge’ games only count for a percentage of the wagering requirements (WR). You will find this (very important!) information included in the T&C’s as ‘Casino Game % Towards Wagering Requirements’. For example: slots 100%, Roulette 50%, Table Games 40%, Video Poker 5% etc. Many online casinos will not allow you to play Blackjack, and often no Table Games at all while you are playing with their bonus money. Other casinos will allow you to play Table Games with Bonus Money, but it does not count towards the playthrough. Most casinos that will not allow Table games to be played, also do not allow Video Poker games to be played. This brings us to the following remark: your success of bonus hunting depends also on choosing the right game! But we all have to admit: who reads those boring conditions with the necessary attention?
• Got caught! Good casino managers may notice from your betting style that you are a bonus hunter and not a casual player. Then the question arises: will the casino pay out if you win a big sum of money? Yes, because most of them don’t want to risk their reputation for a few thousand dollars, despite they realise that you are a bonus hunter.
In case of discussion, most casinos have covered themselves with the following clause and precautionary measure in their T & Cs to get rid of most bonus hunters, the so called ‘irregular play’ clause. It is formulated like: ‘If we notice any kind of irregular play with bonus (bonus hunting) we reserve the right to void the bonus’.
A second variant of this precaution is a clause prohibitting so called ‘Advantage Play’ or ‘Professional Play’. When casinos make use of this restriction, they claim that you have voided the Bonus and violated the Terms & Conditions. Do not expect any pay out of your winnings!

Hunting or bouncing in the casino

You can still get some decent extra value from the online available casino bonuses. On the other hand: we dare to claim that some bonus offers are simply not worth claiming. You must find good terms and conditions, easy-to-meet wagering requirements, safely play the bonus money in the casino and have luck to win real money!
We end with our most important advices: choose an honest, fair, good reputation and generous casino, read T&S’s carefully before you start playing, take a look on the internet about ‘rogue casinos lists’, and read Player Reviews (but also the casinos’ side).
Keep in mind that more players loose money than there are winners! Otherwise, all casinos have to close their doors!
For more excellent, to the point information and relevant tables, we recommend this website.

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