Do not create several player accounts in a online casino

Some time ago, I have read this comment in response to a so-called complaint from an unsatisfied casino player. In fact, this is a case of bonus abuse and we wrote a separate article. Read more about this subject

The comment was formulated as follows:

Please don’t create more than 1 account in 1 casino! You’ll never ever get paid anyway and you can piss the casino off and they may stop giving this bonus in the future. When I asked the support managers why they don’t want to give bonuses to players from certain countries, they replied that they had a lot of players from some countries with 10-20 accounts. They didn’t have to pay for any wins but they had to pay to the game provider for the free spins anyway.

These are two aspects of playing in a casino, namely having more than one account, and the geo location used by all casinos. Let’s start with the first penny: having more than one player account at a casino.

More than 1 casino account

Obviously this is bullshit and, moreover, illegal. In ALL T & C’s of any online casino, the following is clearly stated:

You hereby agree to hold no more than a single real account at the casino.

Anyone who can read, therefore, knows that you can only have one account per casino. There is no discussion about this: one account is one account. You can not experiment with that as a player. Ever since playing in a casino online, the computer programs of every casino register everything, but everything: how often you log in, when you log in, you win or lose your username, your login information, your address, phone number, date of birth, credit card information (sometimes, depending on your preferred banking option); IP address of your computer, what games do you play how much Your bet, whether you play for small or big amounts, everything, everything, everything … In short, big brother casino is watching you! Assume it’s not possible to cheat an online casino. So, NO, you are not permitted to have multiple accounts, do not attempt to sign-up for more than one account! The casinos have become better and better at detecting that. Do not creat fake ID’s or other ways to forge documentation to pass the identification verification. The casinos have gotten smarter too and are nowaday much better prepared to combat them. You will be blocked by the casino management whenever they find that you have multiple accounts. In such cases, the management has the right to close the account and all your balance will be forfeited.
Another version of this rule:

The Casino reserves the right to disqualify winnings in case the following incidents occur: more than one active account at the Casino unless given prior approval by management.

You would think that this wording contradicts the foregoing. That’s also the case … Our advice is to take into account the necessary caution and to ask if it is safe to play in these online casinos. If 95% of the casinos do not allow multiple accounts why would the remaining 5% do that? Yes you are right: to attract players, to let them deposit and play, and only afterwards they get the message that they are blocked. Sin of your time, energy and money!
If you want more clarity about multiple player accounts at the same casino, you can do the following: Before playing with a second account, contact the casino support and ask clearly and explicitly if you can create a second, third account. If your question has a positive confirmation, make sure that you make a printscreen of that confirmation and keep it safe. If problems arise afterwards, you have at least proof of their permission to open multiple accounts. That will not guarantee your success once the discussion starts about withdrawals but it’s better than nothing!

Geolocation by online casinos

We already published an article on this subject some time ago and you can read it HERE. We will follow up with the latest update information. Nowadays, geolocation is determined as follows in the T&c’s:

You are solely responsible for ascertaining whether it is legal in Your Jurisdiction to participate at the Casino. You may only participate at the Casino if it is legal for you to do so within Your Jurisdiction.

With reference to the quote above, indeed casinos don’t want to give bonuses to players from certain countries but they had to pay to the game provider for the free spins anyway. We can understand the position of the casinos. If a player does play even if he is not accepted by the casino based on his place of residence, then the casino does not have to pay any cash, but they have to pay their license obligations to their provider. This is obviously not beneficial to the casino, in other words: a waste of money for the casino. That’s never the intention of casinos that you will understand. Thus, your players account will be blocked and nothing will be paid out.
If your registration goes right, this problem would not exist! Because most online casinos would block you from registering at the point of registration form by not having your country in their list of accepting players. It should be that simple! In other words: when you register in a casino, or try to do so, and you enter your mobile phone number or your resident place, and the software does its works correctly, you immediately get the message that you can not play at that specific casino because of jurisdiction rules. For example: a player from Bulgaria registers without problems in an online casino although his country was mentioned in the list of not accepted countries of that casino. He makes his first deposit of €95 and waits for his welcome bonus to be credited automatically. But nothing comes and he contacts the support and asks for more details and explanation. And all the troubles started! He was afraid that maybe Bulgarian players are restricted from getting bonuses. The T&C’s of the casino mentioned: You are not a resident of … Bulgaria … Meanwhile, he gets an answer from their support that he didn’t get the bonus because he didn’t check. He asked them why he was allow to register but was not allowed to play at this casino!
In our opinion, this player has a point: when it is not possible for any casino to accept players from restricted countries, why do they accept deposits and to allow them to play??? It’s the same as the story of the chicken and the egg!

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