How Playing Online Slots Could Save Your Life

Playing Online SlotsIt’s no exaggeration to say playing slots online, instead of in a traditional casino, could save your life.

If you are like most gamblers and enjoy playing slots at casinos, then, like most gamblers, you likely have become ill several times from doing so. That’s because land-based casinos are filthy places that breed germs, bacteria and other contagions that could make you sick with the cold, flu — or even worse.

Studies affirm the most sanitary place in most casinos is the bathroom. That’s because most casinos are open all night, and only rarely will the casino gaming area be shut down long enough to thoroughly clean and sanitize it.

slot machinesThat goes for the slots areas. Most people are busy sitting at the machines, smoking cigarettes and feeding the machines their money. When those people leave, new ones arrive and start the process all over again. Yet, every time each of them leaves, they leave behind germs and other contagions that might make you very ill.

Slot machines in particular are breeding grounds for the common cold, flu and other bad illnesses. Players sit down and touch the same surfaces. The sneeze, hack and cough on them. When they leave, their germs stay behind, waiting for the next person to come along. If that person is you, when you touch the slot handle or buttons to play, you pick up the germs from the many people before you. Even just pulling up the seat could cause you to pick up germs you never intended to contact. And those germs might make you ill.

Even just entering a casino is to run a gauntlet of germs, bacteria and contagions. The door handles, stairway and escalator rails, and other commonly touched surfaces all are breeding grounds for germs left by others.

A recent study conducted by the University of Wisconsin placed healthy gamblers at the same poker table as one afflicted with colds. By the end of the study, two-thirds of the healthy gamblers became sick with colds. Yet, they never came into actual physical contact with the sick players. Instead, they got sick from touching the same poker chips and gaming surfaces as the other players.
The same thing happens whenever you choose to sit down at a land-based casino to play slots. Only, your chances of becoming sick are even higher, due to the many more obstacles you encounter.

When you play slots online, though, you eliminate any concerns about becoming ill, and that could help you to win more cash — and stay alive and healthy.

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