How to Play at a Live Casino

live casinosLive casinos are more popular than ever! Gamblers love the real casino experience live dealer play offers. If you’ve never tried it, now’s the time.

Before playing at a live casino, there’s a few things you need to know. First, always confirm you’re playing at a licensed and regulated casino. Also, check player forums online. Other players are a great way to get more info on a particular live casino.

Second, live casinos are just like a Vegas casino. A live dealer at an actual game table is livestreamed right to your computer or mobile device. Gameplay is the same as in a physical casino. You wager online and the dealer or an assistant will put physical chips on the table for you. The game is then played accordingly.

In roulette, the dealer will spin the wheel, drop the ball, call the winning pocket, and mark the appropriate number as winner. Blackjack is the same, chips are placed indicating your wager, physical cards are dealt to the players and dealer, and your actions are completed on the table. And so on for every casino game. It’s pretty cool!

You can play all your favorite casino games:

  • Craps
  • Roulette
  • Pai Gow Poker
  • Blackjack
  • Three Card Poker
  • Baccarat
  • And More

The user interfaces, meaning the mouse clicks you use to interact with the game, are intuitive and easy to use. If you’re already playing casino games online, you’ll have no problem playing at a live casino. In fact, you’re probably going to like it more than traditional online gambling.

You can even socialize with your fellow players. Chat, share your best gambling tips, and even send virtual gifts with the fun new people you meet playing live casino games from the comfort of your own home.

Don’t want to be on camera? No problem. You can select an avatar and keep your privacy.

How about a casino party. Host your very own casino night at home. Live casinos supply the games, you supply the fun! Don’t miss out on this exciting new trend. Try live casino games today.

What is Bet Behind?

RoyalVegas-live-casino Bet behind is a Live Blackjack feature, loved and used in practice by many casino players. In brief: you bet on a player that you think will win a hand by placing chips in your ‘Bet Behind box’.

How to use this betting type?

Each player seated at a live blackjack online table has a ‘Bet Behind box’. You wil see this box just below your own betting box. Now all you have to do is place your chips in the Bet Behind box from the player you want to wager on (you want to follow) during the betting period.
Handy with it is the ‘Hot Streak table’, usually located at the top right of your screen. This table displays the players at your live BlackJack table that are on winning streaks and how many hands the streak has lasted. We advise new players to play with low stakes bets to try out live blackjack and to experience the Bet Behind option.

Do you have a seat?

It happens that you have to wait for a seat at the live BlackJack tables. No problem! While you are waiting for one of the seven seats to become free, you can already start with bet behind. There is no limit to the number of ‘waiting for a seat’-players to bet behind the seated players. Once you have a seat, you can still bet behind any other seated players.

Why should I bet behind?

There is just one reason to do it: the huge payout potential! Especially the unexperienced players can take part in the game with low bets and, if lucky, win some real money. The standard payout ratio is 3 to 2, depending on the casino but this is the general rule.

Where to play Bet Behind?

Unibet-casino-Livecasino Not all live dealers casinos offer Bet Behind. In general you can play this betting feature at online casinos live blackjack tables with software providers such as Microgaming and Evolution Gaming. Note that ‘Bet Behind’ is only available for blackjack!

Start Tips Bet Behind

• The number of game rounds a player has won is displayed on your screen by medals, ribbons and stars. So you can evaluate how ‘hot’ or ‘good’ a player is doing. Hot players are highlighted with a gold medal next to their name. A number on the medal shows how many game rounds a player has won. Ribbons can go from 1 to 2, and stars can show up to 3. It is just an indication of the success of a player.
• When the best player chooses to double down or split his cards, his bet is doubled.
• Start with low stakes, especially when you are a new player!


We repete as conclusion that, especially for inexperienced players, Bet Behind is a very useful side bets occasion. It is a good experience to learn the live dealer blackjack table games and thus increase their revenue potential. But … Blackjack is always a game of skill… you win money, you loose money. By ‘Betting Behind’ you are relying on other player’s knowledge, experience and luck. You completely rely on other players’ decisions, way of playing and winnings or losses. Take your time to learn how it works!

No Deposit Bonuses – The Best Casino Offer

no deposit bonusThe onset of the online gambling industry has brought about many changes to this activity. Old-fashioned gambling was still present, but many business ventures managed to combine it with something unique in order to maximize their profit. This purpose led online casinos, poker rooms and even sports betting sites to try offering with all kinds of promotions and bonuses to their players.
Online casino promotions and bonus offers are their latest invention aimed to attract a larger player pool and increase traffic. However, there are several differences among providers which could help you distinguish the most suitable offer that fits your needs.

Types of No Deposit Bonuses

These online gambling sites include various types of bonus offers in order to appeal to all customer groups. The No Deposit casino offers where you keep what you win are ultimately the best, but players need to be aware of all before deciding which to use. This bonus is awarded to novice players who have just finished the sign up process on a particular site and basically provides them with some kind of ‘free play’ option.
The No Deposit Bonus Codes are the first variation of this offer. These bonuses are no different than the rest, except they cannot be claimed by simply signing in on a particular casino site. Here, you would have to enter a specific code for the bonus in the designated box right before you complete the sign up process.
Free Spins are another No Deposit bonus option. These usually include about a dozen free spins limited to a particular slot as a promotion strategy. Some sites may offer a greater number of spins, while others tend to include all their players in this type of offer.
Ultimately, these No Deposit bonuses can take the form of timed promotions. These give the player a certain time period, like an hour, for risk-free play on the particular site. After the end, some simply require you to return the free bets money from your profits (if you have any). On the other hand, there are sites which demand a specific number of real money bets which you need to play out in order to withdraw any winnings.

Terms & Conditions

Each of these No Deposit casino bonuses has specific terms and conditions regarding the way players can use them. Moreover, they tend to determine the way you are able to withdraw your winnings (if any).
Make sure you are extremely careful when it comes to analyzing the best bonus with the most suitable conditions. After all, there are certain wagering requirements which continually need new bets without providing any chance to withdraw your winnings.

Other Bonuses

Aside from No Deposit bonus offers, online casinos often promote their First Deposit bonuses. These usually match your initial deposit amount to a certain percentage, of course if the actual deposit isn’t in the thousands or millions.
Loyalty programs are also seen as a type of promotion or bonus offer, as well as VIP programs which award players with a certain status ranking.

Let’s talk about casino complaints

casino compalints The good news

A bad topic that should not be subject of an article at all. Unfortunately, reality is different. If you throw all the casinos on a heap then you will see that it rains complaints. Many complaints are found online. What are the most common complaints? And why? We do not have ready answers. For this, this subject is too complicated. Nor is this article about the many failed, fraudulent attempts of players who still try to get their money in their pocket! It seems that more than thirty percent of all casino claims fall into this ‘fraud’-category. Another thirty percent is about eternal discussions for whatever not actionable, none legit reasons! That’s more than half of all complaints. So The casinos themselves are not always guilty of complaints from players. That is good news.

1) Complaints related to players:

  • As a player you probably violate the Terms of the casino yourself. No nonsense, this happens on a daily basis. Maybe he does not do this on purpose. In addition, the T&C’s of casinos change regularly. You will then receive a message that you must read the Terms rules again and comply (again). But who reads them carefully? Nobody does until … it’s too late!
  • Administrative errors and problems. The blame is almost always on the player. He has to prove that the casino is in error. This issue applies to the process of requested documents in order to verify a player’s identity. The best way to avoid these problems is to provide the casino’s financial department with the necessary papers they ask for. Do this as soon as possible! And have a bit of patience because the casino has to check your paper work and does this in detail. Put yourself in place and suppose the wrong player gets paid. What then? Being an honest player, your withdrawals will come to you in due time!

2) Nobody can do anything about this complaint:

Connectivity issue. Be aware that almost every online casino foresees a Term that says something like ‘we are not liable for technical errors or failures’. A good casino will take care of its players if something of this sort occurs. On the other hand: minor concerned casinos will just point to the Terms and don’t take any action.

Even less good news: bonus complaints!

A never ending story! Did you know that over half of the complaints from players are related to casino bonuses!? Shocking news not? Be aware of the fact that bonus money is still ‘casino money’, even it residents into you player account! That is the mean reason why many players avoid the hassle with free money bonuses and do not accept sign up bonuses presents and consider free bonuses worthless. This is often the opinion of more experienced players.

Another comment about money

There are slow-pay and, even worse, no-pay casinos’ problems, even if you have to be paid legally. What to do?

When you have a complaint with a casino, start communication as soon as possible and provide your complaint with as much documents as possible. In other words, add (printscreens) of related emails, your device screen (smartphone, tablet, desktop), get a transcript of the exchange with the casino chat service, etc. Without proof, anyone can claim anything! Casinos are not stupid!

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40 million euro jackpot with VeraJohn casino

verajohncasinoVera&John casino announces a fun, exclusive new competition during the month of May. You won’t find at any other casino. With four jackpots of €10,000,000 each, this could be life-changing wins!
New players only!
How does it work? Make a deposit and earn tickets to vote in two events by playing at Vera&John and you could get a life-changing win! The two voting events have a combined prize pool of €40,000,000 up for grabs next May month.

Voting events

Music interested players can vote in the Eurovision. Equal to the real song competition, you can vote into 3 rounds, being half finals and the final.Vera&John
There are three jackpots worth a combined €30,000,000 to be won at Vera&John in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest. Place your votes on the winners, and you can be a winner too! You can start voting in the first semi-final on May 1st until May 3rd. Guess the top 10 finalists for a chance to win up to €10 million in each of these rounds:

  • Vote for the 1st Eurovision semi-final from 1st – 9th May.
  • Vote for the 2nd Eurovision semi-final from 10th – 11th May.
  • Vote for the Eurovision final from 11th – 13th May.

Car enthusiasts can vote in the Monaco Grand Prix! So, something for any players’ taste.

Vera&John shop

To vote in the events, you will need a special Millions Ticket from the V&J Shop. Each ticket lets you vote one time in your favourite event. Go to the casino lobby, open the V&J’s Millions tab and choose your winners for the event you’re voting in. As simple as that!

Five Reasons Why You Should Play Slot Online

slot gamesSlot games are by far the most popular casino games. You can play them or in a brick, land based casino or online. This article is just about playing online. A casino slot game is is in fact a gambling machine with 3, 5 or more reels. While pushing a button, the wheels begin to spin. Slot games are colorful developed, exciting and very easy to play.

Modern slot machines use computer programs to generate random numbers, so in fact it are computers that determine the final results of the outcome of games. This means that as a player, the only thing you must have is ‘luck’ and enjoy the excitement of playing.

Summarized, slots are played with these three simple steps: Bet-Spin-Win! We give you hereafter 5 reasons why to play them online!


The first reason is your player convenience. You can play online slots as long as you like at any time and from any (mobile) device. The only things you need are a good internet connection and a (decent) device.


Playing slots online is completely opposite to the land-based casino. The game is only between you and the casino. No one else knows about the terms you play, which a land-based casino cannot provide this kind of privacy. Moreover, in a land-based casino, you have to be present in person. Online you can play your favorite slot games without leaving your house.

Free Spins and Bonuses

A second reason to play online slots is the fact that they offer a great collection of bonuses and free spins, even more and better than land based casinos. With welcome bonus packages you start your game. With free spins you continue to keep the reels rolling while during the game more free stuff passes. If you are a regular slot-machine player and you play at your favourite casino, they definitely give you some free offers to play with to reward your loyalty.

Better Odds

Most of the online casinos provide better odds in comparison with land based casinos. The reason for this is that online casinos operate with much lower operating costs than their counterparts on land. They do not have to worry about paying a large staff, (free) hotel rooms, buildings, and many other perks. So, that’s why they offer better payback percentage odds on their games to their players.

Easy and Quick banking

In a land based casino you have to pay for the cash withdrawal. Sometimes, you have to wait in long queues and pay more to exchange the chips at a cashier. While playing online, you save yourself from this hassle. You simple create your player account and place your deposit. Next days, you can start your game from the ‘resume’ and possibly deposit more. In this case, you won’t have to leave your current game, but you continue right from where you were.


You do not have to hesitate to play slots online. The games are strictly regulated, playing is exciting and if you are lucky you can earn lots of money with slots. Most of the casino websites offer free slots game, so you can try out and enjoy the game without spending your own money. The more you play, the better your skills will get sharpen and thus result in better profits. But while playing online, make sure that you are always playing according to the rules.