Let’s talk about casino complaints

casino compalints The good news

A bad topic that should not be subject of an article at all. Unfortunately, reality is different. If you throw all the casinos on a heap then you will see that it rains complaints. Many complaints are found online. What are the most common complaints? And why? We do not have ready answers. For this, this subject is too complicated. Nor is this article about the many failed, fraudulent attempts of players who still try to get their money in their pocket! It seems that more than thirty percent of all casino claims fall into this ‘fraud’-category. Another thirty percent is about eternal discussions for whatever not actionable, none legit reasons! That’s more than half of all complaints. So The casinos themselves are not always guilty of complaints from players. That is good news.

1) Complaints related to players:

  • As a player you probably violate the Terms of the casino yourself. No nonsense, this happens on a daily basis. Maybe he does not do this on purpose. In addition, the T&C’s of casinos change regularly. You will then receive a message that you must read the Terms rules again and comply (again). But who reads them carefully? Nobody does until … it’s too late!
  • Administrative errors and problems. The blame is almost always on the player. He has to prove that the casino is in error. This issue applies to the process of requested documents in order to verify a player’s identity. The best way to avoid these problems is to provide the casino’s financial department with the necessary papers they ask for. Do this as soon as possible! And have a bit of patience because the casino has to check your paper work and does this in detail. Put yourself in place and suppose the wrong player gets paid. What then? Being an honest player, your withdrawals will come to you in due time!

2) Nobody can do anything about this complaint:

Connectivity issue. Be aware that almost every online casino foresees a Term that says something like ‘we are not liable for technical errors or failures’. A good casino will take care of its players if something of this sort occurs. On the other hand: minor concerned casinos will just point to the Terms and don’t take any action.

Even less good news: bonus complaints!

A never ending story! Did you know that over half of the complaints from players are related to casino bonuses!? Shocking news not? Be aware of the fact that bonus money is still ‘casino money’, even it residents into you player account! That is the mean reason why many players avoid the hassle with free money bonuses and do not accept sign up bonuses presents and consider free bonuses worthless. This is often the opinion of more experienced players.

Another comment about money

There are slow-pay and, even worse, no-pay casinos’ problems, even if you have to be paid legally. What to do?

When you have a complaint with a casino, start communication as soon as possible and provide your complaint with as much documents as possible. In other words, add (printscreens) of related emails, your device screen (smartphone, tablet, desktop), get a transcript of the exchange with the casino chat service, etc. Without proof, anyone can claim anything! Casinos are not stupid!

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