Provably fair gambling

Provably fair gamblingWhat about Provably Fair Gambling

Provably Fair gambling or the short name PF gambling is all about a system to obtain a non cheating casino assurance. It is specific for online bitcoin casinos. In short, it makes it impossible for a player AND for a casino, to cheat games.

How does provably fair gambling work?

To explain its operation, we must unfortunately become quite technical, but we try to keep it simple. PF systems rely on cryptographic hash functions. These functions make it possible to turn data into a string, known as a ‘hash’. The specific character consists of the fact that it is very difficult, quite impossible, to derive the original data from the hash. A good, actual example of this technology is the Bitcoin network. Until today, the cryptography behind the bitcoin network has not been broken. Specialists who can know, claim that this will never happen in the future. Let’s just wait and see….

Provable fairness related to casino games

  • Bitcoin casinos: Provably Fair is a concept created for the online cryptocurrency gaming industry, more specific for those online casinos without a licensing jurisdiction controlling and monitoring the activity of cryptocurrency gaming sites.
  • The aim of PF games and software is to offer players a way to verify that the odds and the games’ outcome are not manipulated in any way by the online casino server.
  • There is no single formula or algorithm for provable fairness concerning casino games. For example, the result of a blackjack game would be calculated in a different way, with different strings and hashes than that of a slot or roulette game. In addition, each casino gambling site has ts own method. As an active player, you should do some research and verify the results. A very good explanation is HERE! Thinking about your money, the software should be fair! Casinos could cheat by delivering only losing results to their players, that’s not fair.
  • From players reviews we read that they been disconnected to the casino’s software at the moment they were winning (big) money. The casinos blame connectivity issues, and use this as an excuse to refuse to pay the player. This is another example of casino cheating and of course NOT fair.
  • Another common players problem is not be able to withdraw money from casinos. An important prerequisite for this is of course that the player has performed all the rules correctly. In many cases, the players themselves are mistaken because they have not read or failed to read the T & C. In case the player played correctly by the rules and he can not withdraw his money, the casino steals his money. Avoid these NOT fair casinos but do not always rely on the players’ reviews you read on the internet!

How to check if a casino is provably fair

Look on the casino site for an explanation of its provable fairness. Can you read anywhere how the results are calculated? Most sites show a form to verify the results after a game. Make sure the results are calculated locally!

Provable Fairness conclusion

PF gambling is a step forward for online players. It makes it possible to verify the honesty and fairness of gambling websites, without relying on the site’s random number generator (RNG). Pick an online  casino that has provable fairness information (and results) on its site.