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About free bonus money

About free bonus money

What about free bonus money?

Indeed, most of the casinos offer FREE money. This can be offered when subscribing as new player. Or to try out their games. You can use this money to play with. There are also casinos that give free cash, a free bonus or free spins. We explain two free bonus variants:

1. No Deposit Bonus

The 'No Deposit'-bonus is beloved by (new) players! It gives a chance to try the casino games free of charge. So, you have not to make any deposit. Yes, you can win money while playing with a 'No Deposit bonus'.

2. Free Trial No Deposit Bonus

It looks the same but it is not! This bonus money cannot be cashed out nor can the winnings be withdrawed. So, players receive a FREE bonus amount to try out the games and to try out if you feel good at the casino. This bonus explained briefly: no deposit required, no money to win!

Casinos are not crazy!

Of course! Bonuses and FREE money are lures. Each casino wants players to come back and spend money. They seduce new players with 'No deposit bonuses' so that they can play without any of their own money. Understandably, it makes sense that the casinos then limit how much these 'free' players can withdraw. Read these restrictions in their Terms and Conditions, Rules or Faqs before you start playing!

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