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The original name for playing bingo was 'beano'. Bingo is an all-time favorite casino game purely based on luck. No strategy, no complicated rules to play, just entertainment. The numbers have to match with the numbers on your bingo card, that's it. All that happens with the winning numbers drawn out randomly by the casino. Have you ever wondered how many bingo combinations there are? Considering all the possible bingo combinations, there would be 1,474,200 ways to win!

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Your winning bingo card numbers can be spread over a row, column or diagonal line. You can buy and play with multiple tickets at a time, what most players do. Players win by matching and checking off a row, column, or diagonal line of numbers that are drawn out. Playing multiple tickets increase your chances of winning. Play en enjoy free free bingo cards at all places. The most common form of bingo is the 90 and 75-Ball Bingo. All websites above offer non stop daily bingo games. Expenisve? Not at all, bingo tickets from 1p are no exception. Sometimes you will find and play Mini bingo games. And there is free bingo 24 hours a day. Have bingo fun!

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Bingo is an all-time favorite casino casual game of luck. Is it fun? Boring? It is prooved that playing bingo reduces stress. The world of bingo players is dominated by women players. According to a study, 80% of bingo players are female.

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