How to play slots games in mobile casinos

How to play slots games

Read this step-by-step guide on how to play slots games, especially for new players! But... this guide depends on the casino where you play! The steps of this guide may differ!

Step 1: your choice?

The first thing to do is to choose a slot. Easier said than done because the average offer is about 180 games! This decision can be based on the design of the game, on the name of the slot, on the accompanying progressive jackpot, on players reviews, or on other reasons. Most of the casinos get their players to help with a gallery of popular games.

Step 2: how to play?

The next decision to make, is to decide if you will download the casino software or simply choose to play instantly on the web.
Click the game of your choice and, depending on the casino where you play, a pop up will ask you if you want to play slots for real cash or for free practice(for fun). Make your choice and then you’re ready to play!

Step 3: your settings!

Before you start spinning, take a few minutes to set the parameters of your chosen slot machine. The most usual options are:
• Coins: how much you will spend per spin? Some slot machines have a default coin price (i.e. 0.10). You may be able to reduce (i.e. 0.01) if you wish to spend less cash/per spin. Or maybe you wish to play with more cash/spin?
• Paylines: these are the lines on the slot machine that are used to decide the outcome of your spin. Many online slots let you play between 1 and 25 paylines. The more paylines you play on, the more chances you have to win, but also included: each spin will cost more cash!
• Bet per Line: this lets you change how many coins you will bet per payline. Usually you can choose to bet between 1 and 5 coins per line. The more coins you bet per line, the greater the cost but the greater the potential winnings.
• Bet Max (not always an option): this option increases your coin value and your number of paylines to the maximum for that game.
• Auto Play: some casinos also offer this option. This means that a certain number of automatic spins 'play' automatic without having to manually click on 'spin'-button every time.

Step 4: Play, have fun and hopefully you win!?

Now that you’ve selected your slots game, chosen your software, set your parameters, all that’s left to do is hit the 'spin'-button and watch the reels light up. To make the most of every spin, be sure to see what promotions and casino bonuses you’re eligible for!
Also, keep in mind that to be eligible to win a progressive jackpot (if there’s one in the slot you’re playing) you usually need to bet the maximum amount per spin.
As always, check the rules of each slot to see exactly how you can be in to win the jackpots, bonus rounds and more.


Please Gamble ResponsiblyGambling under the age of 18 is against the law. In some jurisdictions required age is even higher