what are slots games

What are slots games?

Slots, slot(s) games, slot(s) machines? It's all about the same casino part. A slot is simply explained a machine with 3 or 5 rotating reels. The reels turn around and stop after a few seconds. Each machine features symbols that line up. In the distant past the symbols always showed fruit images. Hence the name 'fruit machines'. Today, that name is still used in the UK. In Australia it is called 'pokies'.
Slot machines are simple to play. You click on the 'play'-button and the spin starts. All you have to do is to wait for the outcome!
Finally, the 'Wild Symbol': this is a sort of 'joker'-symbol. It always fills in the required symbol to make up a winning combination in a pay line.

Slots and modern times

Today's slots are much more complex machines. From 3 they have now also 5 reels. And more paylines! Up to 100! That is called a 'multi-payline' slot game. You have to choose which/how much paylines you want to play. With 3 reels, it was easy: they lined up in the middle of the screen. With today's 5-reel slots, the reels can still line up, but also zig-zag in all directions on your screen. This makes it difficult to follow the results of your win. Fortunately, the software keeps your winnings (and losses) for you up to date!

3D slots

The newest innovation are the '3D' slots. Be surprised by their amazing graphics and high-speed multi-payline adventures. A 'Video Slot' has no reels, but rather a video screen that generates a picture of reels spinning.

Play for the Jackpot?

A great part of the slots games are linked to a Progressive Jackpot. This means that a small amount of each bet 'flies' to the Progressive Jackpot. As a consequence, other winning combinations pay slightly less at these slots games. So, is it wisely to play them? You decide!

Does a slot strategy exist?

No! It's all about luck! One golden rule maybe? Don't play a machine you don't understand!