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Payout percentages at casinos explained

On the casino websites you can often read something as ´high payout percentage´ or even more specified ´we guarantee a pay out rate of 98,85%´. That sounds good but what does it mean? Are these numbers reliable? Casino pay out percentages vary per online casino and depend on which game you play. So, what kinds of payouts can you expect from your gambling time?

Return to Player, what does it mean?

This pay out item is usually abbreviated as ´RTP´. Being a regular player, you should know that each game is programmed to pay out a specific percentage of the cash that is wagered.

The minimum RTPs are determined by the gaming commissions of the respective states or countries (Europe, ROW). A certain percentage of the cash spent by all players will be paid (back) to the ´house´, being the casino or the casino owner(s) to cover the casino´s expenses and of course they aim to make a certain profit.

The rest is returned to the players. The casino part for online casinos is generally about 3% to 4%. For land based casinos, do not freak out, the casino percentage can reach 40% to 50%. This difference can be explained by land based casinos have much more costs. Think of buildings, maintenance, gaming machines, parking, restaurant, bar and of course lots of staffing costs.

What about the gaming machines?

It is the gaming software developer (Microgaming, Netent, RTG etc.) that programs the gaming machines. These machines are regularly checked whether or not all rules have been followed. This check is carried out by local gaming commissions (land-based casinos) and internationally recognized online gaming assurance supervisory agencies (online casinos). The payout range of all machines must in the accepted range.

What is the role of the random number generator?

The abbreviation is RNG. Gambling means you win or loose cash. Your winning chances are determined by this random number generator. The before mentioned official regulatory bodies also monitor these RNGs to ensure fair play. The win or loose chances are formulated in so called ´tables of probabilities or paytables´ for each machine. These paytables take into account the possible payouts and the number of times the payout may occur per play. That is all strictly regulated and is strictly enforced.

Conclusion about payouts at casinos

For his own peace of mind, any player before he or she decides to go play in a casino, and therefore spend cash, must first make some homework. Following the above given information, every online player should know that the most reliable statistics available are the average percentage payout.

These figures are monthly monitored. eCOGRA is such an independent expert. A reliable online casino mentions a link to them anywhere on their website (often in small writings in the footer of casino webpages). Visit eCogra´s website first before you start playing at your next casino.