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What is a mobile casino?

Mobile Casino Play

Online casino websites are places where you can gamble. You can place bets and play virtual games on the Internet. It is similar to regular land⁄bricks casinos.

Online casinos are also named internet casinos, virtual casinos, web-based casinos etc.

Mobile casinos sites are casinos that you can play on your mobile devices. Sometimes you need do download the software, but mostly you can play in your browser, so called ´Instant Play´.

The use of mobile devices increases highly. Popular mobile devices are iPhone, Android smartphones, Blackberry, Nokia Windows Phones etc.

There are two ways of mobile playing:

Are mobile casinos safe?

Safety at mobile casino

Yes! Online casinos are safe. There are guards who whatch over the casinos to see if they are honest and keep their promises.
However, there are lists of the ´fraud, bad, rogued´ casinos.

About free bonus cash at online casinos

Free Bonus

Indeed, most of the casinos offer FREE cash. This can be offered when subscribing as new player. Or to try out their games. You can use this cash to play with.


There are also casinos that give free cash, a free bonus or free spins. We explain two free bonus variants:

  1. No Deposit Bonus: The ´No Deposit´-bonus is beloved by (new) players! It gives a chance to try the casino games free of charge. So, you have not to make any deposit. Yes, you can win cash while playing with a No Deposit bonus.
  2. Free Trial No Deposit Bonus: It looks the same but it is not! This bonus cash cannot be cashed out nor can the winnings be withdrawed. So, players receive a FREE bonus amount to try out the games and to try out if you feel good at the casino. This bonus explained briefly: no deposit required, no cash to win!

Casinos are not crazy!

Of course! Bonuses and FREE cash are lures. Each casino wants players to come back and spend cash. They seduce new players with ´No deposit bonuses´ so that they can play without any of their own cash.

Understandably, it makes sense that the casinos then limit how much these ´free´ players can win.

Read these restrictions in their Terms and Conditions, Rules or Faqs before you start playing!

Must I sign up for a free bonus

Bonus Subscription

Yes! You always have to sign up and give your details. Good advise: always use your own, correct details. Why? Because it is your intention to earn some cash. When you ever want to withdraw your cash, your personal information is checked and you must proof ´who is who´! We explain the procedure in the following paragraph.

Furthermore: each casino reserves the right to request proof of residence and identity before processing any transactions!

When you read the Terms & Conditions of (all) casinos, this sentence is included: Players certify that they have provided accurate, complete and true information about themselves upon registration. Players will maintain the accuracy of their information by promptly updating any registration information that may have changed. Failure to do so may result in account closure, account limitations or voiding of any transactions (bonus, winnings).

What about all those casino bonuses

Bonus Types

Bonuses given away by the casinos are very common practice. Let´s explain shortly the offers.

A. Welcome in our casino

1. Welcome bonus.
This bonus welcomes you by the casino when you first visit and subscribe. For that reason, it is also named the ´New Player´ bonus, or ´Sign Up´ bonus. This bonus can be very high (i.e. $1,000). Do not fall for high bonuses because the higher the welcome offer, the higher the Wagering Requirements!

2. No Deposit bonus.
With this bonus you can try out the casino games free of charge. In other words: you don´t have to to make a deposit. You can win cash while playing with the ´No Deposit´-bonus.

3. Free Trial No Deposit bonus.
In this case, you get FREE cash without making a deposit to try out the games but ... your winnings can NOT be cashed. So, it is NOT possible to withdraw your cash. You have to play in the ´Real cash´ modus after your free trail session.

4. Match bonus.
With this bonus, the casino ´matches´ the amount of cash you deposit with them. This match gets you a certain maximum amount. Example: a 100% match bonus up to $100, means that you will have $200 to play with when you deposit $100.

The ´up to´ remark with this bonus is important! You will never get more than $100-250 bonus!

5. Percentage bonus.
With this bonus, it is all about the % mentioned. The casino offers to pay a percentage of the cash you deposit with them. Example: you deposit €100 and the bonus = 50%, then the casino adds €50. Your total amount to play with = €150. Sometimes, this % bonus has also a ´up to´ (maximum) amount.

B. Existant Player bonuses!

1. Loyalty bonus.
Each casino has a loyalty club and a VIP Club program. Loyal players must be rewarded (so they come back!). Usually you become automatically a member of the VIP Club when signing in. The result is that you earn points (Comps) with every bet you make. VIP Clubs work with ´levels´. Once you reach the highest level, you will be offered special ´Loyalty bonuses´.

2. Reload bonus.
The purpose of ´Reload bonuses´ is to keep gamers returning to casino, so that they make further deposits. The procedure is mostly the same as the welcome or match bonus. Some casinos offer a weekly or monthly Reload Bonus.

3. High Roller bonus.
This bonus also rewards players who spend plenty of cash! Usually this bonus is expressed in a % for large deposits over £500, £1000, or even more. Not for starting players!

4. Cash Back bonus.
This bonus gives the players some of their gambling cash back to them. The cash is awarded back to players who have lost cash during their gambling sessions. Example: the Cash Back bonus = 50% and you have lost €1,000. Result = €500 back! Casinos are not crazy! If you have a positive balance, you won´t get the cash back!

Can i win the jackpot?

Win the jackpot by mobile playing

Yes, why not?! Just like any other player, you can win a jackpot online. The device you play with, is not important. A mobile player has the same win chances as the desktop players or the ´brick casino´ audience.

Of course: you have more chance to grab the Jack if you play with the highest stakes! If you are looking for a list of casinos with a running jackpot on their homepage, go to Casinos with live running jackpots

Mobile Jackpots

These days almost all the casinos offer mobile games to play on your iOS or Android devices, be it your smartphone or tablet device.

These mobile casinos offer multiple jackpot options including games with jackpot rounds, progressive jackpot pokies, progressive jackpot poker, bonus jackpots and many other types of big jackpot wins.

You can open a new account or play through your existing casino account, either on your mobile browser or by downloading the app. Almost all of these mobile casinos are open 24 ⁄ 7.

Mobile jackpot games are thoughtfully designed to fit any mobile screen, you can play on any preferred platform. Popular jackpot pokies for mobile are a great way to entertain while on the go.

A few examples of popular mobile jackpot pokies you can enjoy are Mega Moolah, MegaJackpots Siberian storm, Basic Instinct, It Came from Venus, Monty Pythons Spamalot, Megasaur Progressive Jackpot, Spirit of the Inca Progressive Jackpot, Divine Fortune Jackpot and The Avengers.

These are just a few of the bigger brands and popular progressive jackpots online. Mega Moolah probably offers the greatest mobile games online for some of the largest jackpots.

Win a Jackpot and Microgaming

The online gambling world has Microgaming to thank for being the very first online casino software company. The online game developer has maintained a sought-after reputation for over two decades with the release of products that are continually evolving with different generations of gamblers.

The firm invests in the provision of numerous casino game categories, but slot machines have been its forte from the beginning. Mega Moolah is one of the most recognisable titles from the developer alongside hundreds of others, including: Game of Thrones, Playboy, Jurassic World, Jungle Jim El Dorado, Avalon II, Hot as Hades, Lost Vegas, Immortal Romance, Terminator 2, Thunderstruck, Book of Atem, etc.

Can I Pay by mobile phone at online casinos?

Phone Billing

Phone Billing or pay by mobile phone is a popular payment option at mobile casinos. It enables players to deposit via a text message(SMS). So, you will pay for the deposit along with your phone bill.

Not all casinos have this ´Pay by Phone Bill´ option. When you pay this way, you´ll receive a ´SMS receipt´ on your mobile phone and the transaction will also appear on your phone bill.

It is that simple! Everyone with a phone can use this payment option but... there is usually a limit at £10 per transaction.

You can deposit via phone billing with the mobile network operators O2, Vodafone, EE, Three, Virgin Mobile, Lebara, Tesco & BT.

Is it possible for UK players to pay by phone?

Pay by Phone Introduction

Yes! Here is our Pay by Phone Introduction.
Paying you deposits at casinos has never been easier before. Bettors using their phone number to pay for their casino bills has become almost common use. It has been made possible through the collaboration between the online casinos with the network providers.

Basically you make payments to the online casinos, and the amount of your deposit will be added to your monthly phone bill. The main benefits: it is simple, convenient, efficient and much faster most other (internet) payment.

Can I play for free in tournaments?

Play free tournaments

Yes! You don´t have to deposit to play the free tournaments. In other words: play in slot tournaments without requiring any entry fees! That is not always the case: there are logs of (slots) tournaments that will require an entry fee.

Free casino tournaments are one of the quickest and most entertaining ways to increase your online casino bankroll without having to play with any of your own money. Online casinos are offering these free casino tournaments on a daily basis and they are a great tool to help you win some free casino money.

These free casino tournaments are more popular than ever before. With a wide range of games to play, the tournament players are not only making some free casino money, but they are having fun doing it!

How to play Blackjack?

Play Online Blackjack

Blackjack is a mix of luck and strategy. Sometimes also referred to as the game of 21.

The game is played between 2 parties: the player(=you) and the dealer(= the computer/the casino). Each party is dealt 2 cards. The aim is to make a number nearest to 21. The sum of both cards can be nearest to 21 or 21 but can never exceed 21. You can always access 2 of your cards and any 1 of the dealer´s card.

The first party to reach 21 wins the game.

Online Blackjack variations

Each casino offers different blackjack variations. The most popular and famous are the classic blackjack game, Pontoon, Super 21, Match Play 21, Face Up 21, and Perfect Pairs! Before jumping into Blackjack, be sure to know the basic of standard blackjack!

The dealer has both cards facing down.

Super 21
Super21 begins with the player being dealt 2 cards. The dealer shows 1 card facing up and the other one facing down. Players can Hit, Stand or Double.

Match Play 21
Match Play 21 is an interesting variation on the classic 21 game. But now all 10´s have been removed from the deck.

Face Up 21
Both hands are dealt facing up so you can actually see what the dealer has right up front. Players can double their bets even after choosing the Split option; double is allowed on hand totals of 9, 10 or 11. If your hand is good enough against the dealer you can Stand meaning no extra cards will be dealt nor will any extra bets be allowed.

Perfect Pairs
Now it´s all about 3 types of combinations.
1. The Perfect Pair is a 2 card combo in which both cards are equally ranked and suited. Example: 2 Queens of Hearts.
2. Next stop is the Mixed Pair in which both cards are ranked the same but suited differently (one card is red, the other one is black).
3. Last but not least, the Colored Pair, meaning 2 cards of the same rank and same color. Example: Two Kings of Hearts of Two Kings of Spades. If the resulting first 2 dealt cards are not a pair, the perfect pair side bet is lost.

What about Progressive Jackpots?

Progressive Jackpot Introduction

A progressive jackpot is a jackpot which increases each time the game is played but the jackpot is not won.

Many slot machines and video poker machines feature a progressive jackpot. The jackpot increases by a small predetermined amount each time the game is played.

Often multiple machines are pooled or linked together to form a larger progressive jackpot which grows more quickly because more non-winning plays can be counted toward it.

Many lotteries feature progressive jackpots. After each drawing in which the jackpot is not won, a large amount of money is ´carried forward´ to the jackpot for next drawing.

Every time a player makes a bet or buys a bingo ticket at an online casino, a percentage of his inlay⁄deposit will contribute to the total progressive jackpot amount.

Summary: a progressive jackpot is a prize that increases every time somebody plays a slot game. It will keep on rising until a lucky player wins it.

How to play online roulette?

Play Roulette Online

Roulette is a game of chance. The aim is ´predicting´ which number the ball is going to land on when the wheel stops spinning. You can place a number of bets at once to increase your chance of winning (which most players do).

Roulette Variations

There are 2 kinds of roulette: American roulette and European roulette (=French Roulette). It is possible to earn extra cash due to a successful roulette strategy.

Many books, articles and Youtube movies have been produced explaining the best and newest roulette winning strategy!
Our advise? Before any play: read and learn the rules. The matter is that some differences in the rules exist depending on the roulette type.

There are external, internal and mixed betting strategies in roulette.

Further, the base of any roulette strategy is your common sense.

European Roulette

Has numbers from 1 to 36. Each number being either red or black. This results in an equal number of blacks and reds, odd and even numbers, as well as high (18-36) and low (1-17) numbers. Apart from 36 numbered slots, there is a single green slot with the number zero (0). The green slot is also known as the ´House Number´.

American Roulette

American Roulette looks the same as the European version, but for one difference. There is an extra green slot on the wheel, called the ´double zero´(00). This makes a total of 38 slots that the ball could land on. This nearly doubles the chances of the casino to beat the players! Players can lose more cash but they get a faster game.

Multi-Player Roulette

Allows you to enter the virtual roulette room with other online roulette players to observe their betting strategies and to chat between spins.

Multi-Wheel Roulette

With multiwheel roulette makes it possible to spin up to eight(8!) roulette wheels at once for up to eight(8) times the online roulette fun and eight times the chances to win.

Responsible gambling tips

Responsible gambling advices

Tip 1. Know your limits!
A wise man once said: ´Everything big starts with nothing´! And this golden rule still applies, and especially if you are playing in a casino! If you can´t spend a lot of cash, play a bit smaller. If you win you can bet higher and higher to try to get a Jackpot. Please establish your limits for purchasing, wagering and even losses before you start gambling.

Tip 2. Do not gamble if...
• Gambling is not advised if it interferes with your daily responsibilities.
• Gambling is not advised if you are under the influence of alcohol or any other substance.
• Gambling is not advised if your primary aim is to re-win your losses.

Tip 3. NOT born to be wild!
Let´s talk about ´Daily Deposit Limits´. This facility is ALWAYS available through the Responsible Gambling section of every casino website and cashier! This tool is foreseen to HELP you. It enables players to limit the amount of cash that they are able to deposit into their account on a DAILY basis. These amounts may be revised downwards at any time! Make use of it!

Tip 4. Do I need help?
If you feel you may have a problem with your gambling, ask yourself the following questions:
1. Do you stay away from work or school to gamble?
2. Do you gamble to escape from a boring, unhappy life?
3. When you run out of cash while gambling, do you feel the need to gamble again?
4. Do you gamble until your last penny is gone?
5. Did you ever lie about the amount of cash or time you have spent gambling?
6. Have you lied, stolen or borrowed just to get cash to gamble or pay gambling debts?
7. Have you lost interest in your family, friends or hobbies?
8. After losing, do you feel you must try and win back your losses as soon as possible?
9. Do you think about gambling all day⁄night?
10. Do you feel depressed or even suicidal because of your gambling?

The more you answer ´yes´ to these questions, the more likely you are to have a serious gambling problem.

What is Neteller?

Neteller Payment Option

In general, Neteller is highly recommended for online casino banking. Players concern what happens with their cash when they make a deposit online. Is their payment received at the casino?

  1. Neteller is easy of use. If you don´t have a Neteller account yet, opening one is quite simple. It takes no longer than a few minutes. The account is for free! Fill in the registration VERY correctly. This is very, very important. Fill in your official name and address etc... If you do this not appropriate, you will get trouble getting your wins from the casino games back in your wallet.
  2. Once you have your Neteller account, you can load it with a large number of deposit options. Finally you can instantly transfer funds to online casinos, other online merchants, your friends, by at webshops, etc...You can transfer funds wherever you want round the clock and from anywhere in the world. You simply log into your Neteller account and carry out the transaction online.
  3. Neteller means Security. All sensitive personal information remains ONLY on Neteller´s secure servers. In other words: your personal informatio is NOT revealed to any online gambling sites.

Further, Neteller ensures the security of each financial transaction through deployment of the latest technology like 128-bit encryption protocols, identity verification and real-time transaction monitoring.

Neteller operates under the oversight of the Financial Conduct Authority of the United Kingdom.

4. Withdraw your cash. You can instantly withdraw your cash as cash. Therefor, you have to use the Net+ prepaid card from ATMs around the world. This card is linked to your Neteller account.

5. Availability at online gambling sites. It will be difficult to find an online gambling site that does not accept Neteller as a payment option. Only Neteller guaranties to cover all online casinos. You will not need another payment option.

Something about bitcoins: players can fund their Neteller accounts using Bitcoins but can´t withdraw bitcoins.

6. Get rewarded by using Neteller payment method.

What are live casino games?

Play Live casino games

Live casinos offer live casino games. Generally speaking: it is about Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, Sic Bo and, but not always, Poker games. During live play you as player can communicate with the friendly dealer and even with other players. The dealers are mostly good looking ladies and now and then a handsome guy.

Live casinos are a relatively new form of online gambling. They can offer a better payback percentage to players as compared to other types of casino games.

What makes Live casinos so exciting is that the games are run in real-time by a human dealer, also called croupier. Players are able to take part live in the game. In the event they have a question or need assistance, live chat is among the available functions.

Live casino games and software

The worldwide reputable and popular live casinos use the software of the leaders in the gaming industry such as Playtech, Amaya Gaming, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming and Ezugi.

What about geolocation at online casinos?

What is geolocation

Geolocation is a positioning system. It is a process where in order to locate your current physical location. This is a requirement to allow players to play with regard to jurisdiction gaming laws and in accordance with regulatory standards.

Overall, geolocation has made it possible for a casino website or mobile device to determine its user´s physical location.

And on the other hand: geolocation makes it possible to restrict certain casino sites´ usage to players outside of a specific area.

This is why online gambling started with geolocation.

When online gambling became available to all players age 18 or 21 and older (country dependent), the casino websites had to be able to verify that their players.

To ensure this procedure, third party geolocation services do this job, also indicated as a ´Know Your Customer´, or KYC, verification service.

There are multiple geolocation services to serve gambling websites, such as Central Account Management System (CAMS), xyVerify, GeoComply, and Locaid.

About Plug in!

To prove their location players must download a WiFi plug-in from the website where they would like to play. You must install this plugin to login, deposit and play real cash in your web browser successfully. This plug-in helps to verify their location by giving a stronger, directed signal right back to the geolocation service’s server.

It is a piece of software that must be downloaded to the player´s computer or smartphone before logging into a casino website.

Another way of players´ location is through cell tower service. This type of verification is accurate within about a mile´s space. WiFi-based verification is much more accurate.

Geolocation In practice

Although it sounds simple, geolocation is actually a complicated process. There are several technical solutions to verify your location, including IP address and Wi-Fi signal triangulation.

To visit geolocated casino websites, a WiFi capability on your computer and⁄or on your mobile phone is required. You don´t need to be connected to a WiFi network however it must be turned on your devices for us to ensure you are (for example) in New York and so being able to play.

If you might use a public WiFi hotspot to access the internet, it is still possible to play geo-located.

Smartphones and tablets have GPS chips inside them, which use satellite data to calculate their position on earth. These satellite signals can reach mobile devices easily and accurately provide a player with his geographic location. Sometimes, these satellite signals can´t reach mobile devices (tablets and phones) and then use the signals from nearby cell phone service towers to approximate the device´s position.

This is a slower, less accurate process, but is usually able to determine a device’s location fairly closely.

Laptop and desktop computers handle geolocation a little bit differently. When you use the internet on your computer, your browser determines your location by gathering information through your IP address and WiFi connection location.

This is what´s happening when certain websites prompt you to share your location with your browser. It is the browser´s way of locating you to be able to give you a more tailored experience with the site.

If you are on a Mac, your WiFi automatically turns on.

If you use a PC, this process may vary slightly depending on the Windows-version you are using. Especially for US players, geolocation is of importance whether or not they can visit an online casino.

What is a high roller?

Introduction of what a high roller is

A ´High Roller´ can also be a huge, impressive, giant Ferris wheel. The world´s tallest Ferris wheel is located on the Las Vegas Strip in Paradise, Nevada, US. Singapore also has a high Roller, called the Flyer since 2008. And now serious talk!

A high roller is a gambler who wagers large amounts of cash.

The definition of a high roller varies. It involves bringing between $50,000 and $75,000 to the table.

High roller players often have very high table limits allowing the high roller exclusive use.

Not for every gambler!

As you will understand when seeing these amounts of cash, high rollers provide only a small fraction of the casino action.

In general more than 60% of gambling income comes from slot machines. So high rollers games are not the main source of revenue for casinos.

On the other hand: every casino values high rollers more than the average customer! Therefor, high roller players receive discounts, loss rebates, thousands of dollars in free chips etc. For example: a discount offer of 10% means if the player loses 100,000 at the blackjack table, he has to pay only 90,000 to the casino.

Casinos compete on the highest bet limits. I.e. in Australia limits of A$300,000 are common. In Las Vegas they are between US$150,000 and $300,000. And in Macau (CN) they are up to US$500,000!

What is Boku?

Boku Phone Billing

Anyone with a mobile phone can pay with boku, no card required.

With Boku, your mobile number is the only need as information to subscribe⁄sign in. Instead of using a creditcard, Boku is an easy, secure alternative to online paying. 

BOKU Mobile Billing is a quick and easy mobile payment method with no registration or bank account required. It is available to players of casino games who access the sites through their mobile smartphones or tablets. 

BOKU is the global leader in online payments, allowing to purchase goods and services with your wireless number, and charge to your mobile operator bill.

Buko Pay by phone!

Yes, you have the power to pay by phone using Boku.. If you play online casino games or mobile games and you prefer to pay by phone, you can only DEPOSIT cash, NO withdrawals.

Where Can I play with bitcoins?

What is a Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and payment method. It allows instant, irreversible, and international transactions. It is trustworthy, since it uses the same cryptography as Internet banking. So, change your paper cash to Bitcoin. Bitcoin is an ultramodern blessing for all online casino players!

With Bitcoin you can deposit safely and quickly. Each transaction is secure and encrypted. More and more online casinos add bitcoin option as a new deposit method to their payment options. Open your Bitcoin Wallet and start making safe deposits and withdrawals.

BTC Deposits

It is quick and easy to make your next deposit with Bitcoin. Simply follow these 5 easy steps:

  1. Login to the casino into your account and click on the Cashier button.
  2. Click on Deposit, scroll and search for the Bitcoin logo.
  3. Choose your desired deposit amount. Include your Bonus Code (if there is one), and click next.
  4. Send the exact amount of Bitcoin that you see on your screen from your wallet to the wallet address provided.
  5. A ´transaction completed´ message will appear on the deposit page when done. It may take up to 15 minutes to complete your deposit.

Now you are ready to play! Minimum deposit is €$£20.

BTC Withdrawals

The next best thing to winning cash is receiving the cash you have won at your casino. Speedy withdrawals are a priority for players. Some casinos offer same-day payouts amongst a number of payout methods, depending on the option that works best for you.

Your Bitcoin account will be credited within 48 hours.

On the first time using Bitcoin additional documentation may be required and asked by the casino.

In general, the commission fee is 2% of the total payout amount. Minimum withdrawal is €$£20.

Do I get wiser from casino patents?

Casino Patents

The following article asked for our curiosity: ´IGT secures exclusive patent for multi-hand video poker functionality´. It has been published on the website of Gaming Intelligency. The subject made us thinking about intellectual property and casino matters. Guess what? No, you can not derive the tricks…

First of all

IGT and all the other casino games developers are not stupid. Patents cost a lot of cash, also the games cost lots of cash to develop. So, to put all their knowledge and wisdom on the internet would be stupid to do!


Patent attorneys use a very specific language to compose a patent (application). As an outsider, it is not evident to understand what the patent documents describe!

Usually the explanation is illustrated with drawings (in our example 18 drawings) but it is still necessary to read carefully the text in order to understand what it says. You do not read patent literature like the daily newspaper or a cookbook! 

Let us take as example the patent mentioned in the article: US patent 9,105,158.

Each patent starts with a title (Electronic video poker games) and an abstract, being a brief summary of the invention.

For this case the abstract is as follow:
´A video poker machine configured to allow a player to play a card game includes at least one display device, at least one input device, and at least one computer configured to display at least a first hand and a second hand of at least five cards all face up, each hand including the same five cards. A player is provided an option to play a hand by selecting none, one or more than one of the face up cards from the first hand and the second hand and any additional hands as cards to be held. Each of the cards not selected to be held are discarded from each hand and replaced with a face up card. The player is provided a pre-established amount based on the amount of a wager made on the hand if the resulting cards of the hand comprise a predetermined poker hand ranking.´

That sounds not so difficult! Then follows the description, starting with the ´Background´, following the summary and the description of the drawings, being 18 figures. All clear explained… and readable for the general public!

But… will you be a better poker player after reading and studying the 27 pages?

Is it possible to play casino games on smart tv?

Gamble with your smart television

Do you have a smart TV
Smart TV´s are fantastic and, if you have one, you probably don´t even realise that you can play casino games on big screen!

Be surprised, make use of your internet at home and enjoy some of your favorite games on your TV screen.

Of course, the possibilities will depend on the type of your tv.

Can you imagine?! Organise a party with friends and play roulette, blackjack, slot games, even bet on sportsbooks while looking at the live match. What an excitement!

What is a casino player rewards card?

Player Rewards Card free 100

A Players Rewards Card is shortly named a ´PRC´. It is a very easy way to play at US friendly online gaming casinos.

It is that simple: sign up for a PRC and all your online payment options are regulated into one card.

The benefits? This saves you time and increases your security. Secondly you will receive bonus benefits being a cardholder. On top of this luxury, you benefit from seamless and hassle free online payments.

Here some more info about how PRC works.

The Players Rewards Card is a reloadable, secure payment card. It works like a prepaid credit card.

The Players Rewards Card is a secure eWallet to use and play at any of the 20 so called ´Partner´-casinos. It means you only have to provide your payment information once.

Those 20 previlleged casinos will reward you with exclusive offers and perks for being a cardholder.

When you are ready to play, enter your Players Rewards Card number at the Partner Casino’s Cashier. The amount will automatically be deducted from your card balance.

Benefits of a player rewards card

In fact, the Player Rewards-card does all the work for you. The team behind your PRC scours the internet to find the best gaming options most suitable for American players. For example, all bonuses opportunities.

But also new casinos, seasonal promotions with promo codes and free coupon codes. You get instant access to rewards using some deposit methods.

You Play With Real cash

You will have understood that US player rewards cards are about Real cash! You have to load real cash on your PRC card. To do this, you must make use of your credit card. Once some of your own cash is loaded on to your PRC card, you can play at all the partner casinos listed below. PRC Real cash can be used with a deposit match or any other offer.

All winnings using your PRC Real cash, and without using any deposit match or other bonus coupons, can be cashed out without restriction.

Please read and understand the specific terms and conditions for the utilized coupon for full details.

!Note that Rewards cash cannot be used with deposit bonus or any other bonus.

Once the necessary wagering requirements are fulfilled, you will be able to cash out up to two times any PRC Bonus Rewards cash deposit. These winnings will be paid as PRC Real cash.

Only playing Bingo games, Slots, Keno, European Slot Poker, and Scratch Card games will be allowed.

Check Your balance PRC

You can manage your balance in your secure ´My Account´-area on the Players Rewards Card website. You will notice that there are 2 balances in your account:
1) Real Balance: shows the withdrawable balance in your account. The balance includes any winnings earned through real cash deposits. Your Real Balance can be used to play any games at any of our Partner Casinos and can be withdrawn at any time.
2) Rewards Balance: shows Rewards Cash balance and includes any Players Rewards Card bonus or free chip promotions you have redeemed, credit card top-ups to your account, as well as any winnings that have been earned using Rewards Cash. A portion of your Rewards Balance can be converted to real cash, however restrictions apply.

Be sure to check your Players Rewards Card account balance before making a deposit. If the balance on your card is lower than your deposit amount, your transaction will be declined.

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The cooperating mobile casinos are CoolCat Casino, Planet 7 Casino, Prism casino, Slot Madness casino, The Virtual Casino, Raging Bull casino, Grand Fortune casino, Captain Jack casino, Ruby Slots casino, Royal Ace casino, Slots of Vegas casino, Club Player casino, Dreams casino, Palace of Chance casino, Wild Vegas casino, Vegas Strip casino, Slots Garden casino, Bingo on Line casino and Bingo Knights casino.

With which mobile device can I play?

Play Mobile at online Casinos

Thanks to mobile technology, players can now enjoy casino games from almost anywhere on their Android or iOS smartphones. You can play with almost every mobile device, such as iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Windows mobile, iPad, WAP, and even more...

Instant Play vs. Download Mobile Casinos

There are two ways to play at online casinos on your mobile devices: instant-play and download. While both ways are pretty efficient, each has its own features and pros. Let us study the two modes.

Play at Online Casinos via Instant-Play Mode

Most top online casinos are instant-play betting sites. This means that you can access them via the web browser of your smartphone and start playing games.

In most cases, all the features available on the desktop casino site are also available on mobile. However, you will be unable to play games that the developers have not optimized for mobile.

Playing at Download Mobile Casinos

It is common for some top online casinos also to have a dedicated mobile app that players can install on their smartphones to access their platform. In most cases, these online casino apps are available for iOS and Android devices.

By using mobile casino apps, you will enjoy an improved gaming experience. You will be able to perform almost all the same actions as with the regular betting site and more.

In fact, some betting sites offer special bonuses to players using their apps and provide exclusive games as well.

Why can I NOT play?

Casino Not Allowed

When you are searching for a mobile casino, first look if you can register in that casino. Some online casinos are country specific. Almost every casino has restricted countries! So, it is possible that casino A is accessable to residents in US but not playable to players living in UK etc...

The simplest way to find out is to registrate. You have to give up your mobile phone number. After having done this, the casino will immediately accept or not accept your phone number!

Internet and Mobile gambling legal?

Mobile Play at online casinos

Mobile playing is NOT illegal. But gambling laws differ from one jurisdiction to another. Internet and⁄or mobile gambling is no different. As a player you have to encounter the legality issues of playing in your area. Each player is subject to the laws set forth in your jurisdiction.

Mobile Play and US online casinos

Online gambling differs from state to state. Once it is legalized in a state, each casino operator must meet regulations and licensing requirements specific to that state. Therefore, an online casino in one state may have different offerings than it does in a different state.

Legal online betting is quickly becoming a reality in the United States. Most US states have had legal online horse racing betting for several years now, but more recently we are starting to see individual states legalize additional forms of online betting such as casino games, poker, daily fantasy sports and lotteries.

Several states have legalized and regulated online casino games and poker. States where online casino games, online poker or both are legal include: Connecticut, Delaware, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and West Virginia.

Mobile Play rest of the world at online casinos

In general, online gambling is allowed⁄legal in some states of the United States, some provinces in Canada, most countries of the European Union and several nations in the Caribbean.

Mobile Play in Europe

EU countries are autonomous in the way they organise their gambling services. Most EU countries allow at least some games of chance to be offered on the internet. Some countries allow all games, while others only allow certain types such as betting, poker or casino games. 

Most nations don´t care much about anything the individual gambler does. What European countries do care about is the business of gambling.

Are the games fair?

Fair Online Casino Games

No doubt! All online casino games must pass testing by engineers and must undergo extensive testing for fairness and accuracy. This happens prior to being released to the public.

Fair Gaming

All the games use a Random Number Generator (RNG) and feature clearly displayed payout percentages. 

All you need to know about the Random Number Generator (RNG):

Certified Fair Gambling is the industry leader in auditing game fairness for Internet casinos. We specialize in one aspect of Internet casino auditing: game fairness.

Our audits include RTP reports, as well as fairness testing for games offered by the Internet casino. We audit blackjack, craps, roulette, keno, video poker, slots, and every other game of chance offered by the casino.

Fair Games are important for:

  1. Casino players want fair games, even if it means losing a little more than winning. That´s entertainment.
  2. Internet casinos want fair games because that helps create a good reputation and player loyalty.  
  3. Software developers want fair games because one faulty game may cast a shadow over all their games.

Players, Internet casinos and software developers all benefit if the casino games are thoroughly and routinely audited for game fairness. All parties want the games to act exactly fair. All want the games to be random and unpredictable in every way.

Are the transactions secure?

Fair Transaction at online casinos

Absolutely! The transaction processors always have been carefully chosen, based on security and reliability. The processors used in the online casino business utilize the latest in SSL encryption technologies to ensure the protection of credit card and personal information at all times.

eCOGRA Seal of Approval

eCOGRA (eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance) is an independent organisation based in the United Kingdom. Devoted to improving and ensuring the integrity and security of online gambling. The eCOGRA ´Seal of Approval´ is awarded in recognition of: Fair game play, payouts, player service and responsible casino conduct.

What is a CVC2 code?

Card Verification Code

CVC2 is an acronym for ´Card Verification Code´. This code is required as a security measure when making international purchases and internet payments by credit card. This code consists of 3 digits. Found it on the back of your credit card.

What about my account information?

Your Player Account

Your account information is always protected this way or another. Most casinos´ software and providers operate with state-of-the-art 128bit encryption technology (see also question 2). Personal information will always be kept completely confidential.

Blacklist of Casinos

These casinos are so called ´blacklisted casinos´. The compilers of this list admit themselves that the information is ´hear-say´ and collected on the basis of reviews⁄complaints from the players online casino players themselve! Some entries are based on research into licensing and related legal issues.

What means a free nodeposit bonus?

No Deposit Bonus

A No deposit required bonus: as the name says = basically a player receives a bonus amount of cash COMPLETELY FREE, with NO prior deposit required. In other words: just sign up and you grab the free cash. That are No Deposit Casinos.

Welcome to our page dedicated to No Deposits casinos. No deposit slot bonuses are widely popular in the online gambling world. They are a great opportunity to check out a new online casino, its games and services and walk out with real money without having to invest anything.

In our list you can find a list of all casinos that offer no deposit bonuses.

What is a no deposit bonus?

As its name suggests, a no deposit slot bonus is a type of casino bonus that doesn´t require players to make a deposit in order to receive some kind of reward, like slots free spins, free casino credits or even free cash. 

No deposit bonuses are usually offered to new players as a way to incentivize them to sign up.

They can be a part of the welcome package an online casino advertises to all its players and it helps draw attention to the brand. They can also be given to existing account holders under certain circumstances. 

No deposit bonuses create an opportunity to play online slots for free and keep what you win, which is why they are extremely popular.


How do I withdraw my cash?

Withdrawl of your winnings

Go to the ´Cashier´ section of the casino´s lobby. From the Cashier request a withdrawal. The deposit method you choose, determines how your cash will arrive.

Deposited using a credit card? Withdrawals cannot be paid back to a credit card.

But in general: whenever possible your winnings will be sent to you by the method you prefer. Some methods may require you to have an account with them.

How long does it take to withdraw?

Casino Withdrawl Times

Casino withdrawals are one of the most important things for players when playing for real money at online casino sites.

Fast paying casinos with all withdrawal methods are a key factor when deciding which online casinos to play at.

The online casinos that can offer payment solutions that work both smoothly and quickly becomes more famous among players.

It should simply not be a problematic affair to withdraw money from a player account quickly. Quick and efficient payouts is always the best.

The usual time to process a withdrawal is 0 – 15 business days. Payouts paid by check⁄cheque are usually sent just twice a month. Of course, this information depends on the casino!

Oh, and also this: in the event that you win over $5,000, special arrangements must be made for cash withdrawals!

Instant Payout Time

For players wanting fast withdrawals when playing at online casinos, it is important to pick the fastest casinos with short pending time and efficient financial systems helping making the cashouts faster. Some casinos have automated system, other casinos use several days and even weeks!

Different withdrawal methods at online casinos

It is always profitable for you as a casino player to read about the website you are going to play at. Not only does this go for the game selection and bonus terms, but also when it comes to the casino´s payment options and withdrawal methods. This can play a big part for example when making your first withdrawal.

Which method should players choose?

In other words: what are the very best payment and withdrawal options for you spesifically. Simply summarized: it is your individual choice that depends on you as a player.

Many players choose several different methods of depositing and cashing out their winnings. However, a tip is to always have safety in mind when choosing a withdrawal method. That way, you can at least be assured that the money is safely and never get lost.

There are a number of serious payment methods to use, which all guarantee safety. Some online casinos have faster payouts than others. To make your choice easier, we explain some of the most used methods in online casino withdrawals today.

  1. Visa and MasterCard: one of the most common withdrawal methods at online casinos today. It is a practical method, as pretty much everyone has a regular credit card from the bank. Besides this, it is perfectly to use the same card for both deposits and withdrawals. Simply make your withdrawal easy using the card´s details. It may take a few working days for the withdrawal amount to be deposited into your bank account.
  2. e-wallet like Skrill/MuchBetter/Neteller/Ecopayz: This type of  is a smooth choice as the money is transferred from the casino site to your virtual wallet.

  3. Trustly/Bank Transfer: is a payment that works with all online players of Sweden, Deutschland and Finland’s largest banks and also the vast majority of Europe’s major banks. The method involves a secure and encrypted connection directly to your own bank where you log in with your regular bank details and sign the transaction. This method also works very well on tablets and on mobile.

  4. We recommend withdrawals to e-wallets. It is the fastest and cheapest. This method works easily for deposit money into an online  casino, but also you can simply withdraw your funds to your bank account.

How to withdraw winnings from an online casino

Withdrawing your winnings is an important part of playing online. But from time to time you want to take the money out of the casino.  Cashing out your winnings is actually very easy. You have to go to the banking section of the casino (Cashier) to choose which method you want your money sent to.


Choose reputable casinos with good rating for the best experience.

Fast casino withdrawals, Quick payout, Best cashout casino, Top payment casino, Recommended withdrawal casino,

Will my winnings be reported?

Taxation of casino winnings

No! All transactions are strictly confidential.

In other words: winnings are never reported to any government agency or other tax agency.

Players themselves are responsible for making any required reports of winnings or losses to their local taxation jurisdiction.

Is there a advantage of Phone Billing

Pay by Phone

Depositing cash via a phone bill is a whole lot easier than any other method.

No mess about with passwords for e-wallets or bank details.

All you need to do is select the amount you want to transfer and press the button.

How does Phone Billing work?

Can I use Phone Billing

It doesn’t matter if you’re a Pay As You Go - user or you have a contract. Everyone with a mobile phone can make use this payment option. If you are a Pay as You Go-user, you just deposit your credit.

On the other hand, if you are on contract, you pay for deposits in your monthly phone bill. Usually, there is a limit at £10 per transaction, depending on the mobile network operator.

Is it Recommended for UK online gambling?

UK online gambling

Online casino players, especially located in United Kingdom, who are concerned about security. But now they can put their doubts aside.

Why? Because they do not need to provide their sensitive financial information to online websites for playing their favorite games.
There is also a second reason why some players are better off: phone banking is also useful when you don´t have access to financial transaction methods. They just need a phone number for registering with the casinos and their payments to the casino will be added in the monthly bill of your phone number.

The PayByPhone method of pay and play is one of the best solutions for the current generation of mobile UK players.

Here are some operators

Untill now? O2, Vodafone, Three, Virgin Mobile, Lebara, Tesco, EE, Boku and BT. Some of the major PayByPhone service providers for casino mobile number deposit method are Boku, PayForIt and Simpler among many other smaller players in the market. You first need to find a PayByPhone casino that is compatible with your mobile phone.

Not all mobile casinos have the PayByPhone feature integrated for your mobile phone. Moreover, if you search for casinos, you may even find a casino that is providing better offers and bonuses when using the PayByPhone method to make payments at the casino.

Can I use Phone Billing?

Pay By Phone Bill

Log in to your casino account using your mobile device;
Look for the banking option on the website. There will be an option that will let you choose to make a deposit;
Click on the ´deposit button´ and you will see a list of payment options. Choose to pay by ´phone bill´;
Click on the amount you have in mind and finish (confirm) the transaction to credit your account.
The funds will be credited later to your phone bill.

Pay By Phone Practical Starting Steps

Are there risks with Phone Billing?

Gamble with Phone Bill deposit

Yes but ... all payments via the web are faced by at least a small risk of fraud (cyber criminal).

Always check regularly to verify your recent transactions. The password or code sent as text on your mobile is an added layer of security because the person having that phone number needs to have that phone with them to actually make deposits and payments at the casino.

Such PayByPhone casinos are completely legal and are regulated by government organizations and any fraud that happens is handled by proper channels.

Update April 2020

The UK Gambling Commission has maintained its decision ban credit card use for gambling transactions, taking effect today 14 April 2020, meaning that from this day any consumer gambling will not be able to use a credit card as payment. The ban extends to credit card gambling through e-wallets. The Commission said it is an important step forward in protecting about 10 million players who gamble online from harm, about 800,000 United Kingdom players use credit cards to gamble. The result of this ban: nobody in Great Britain can use a credit card to gamble. This is another milestone and we will continue to look for ways to make gambling safer in Great Britain.

Can I win cash in free tournaments?

free tournaments

Yes, you can win real cash or bonus cash, that depends on the the tournament you play. The difference? Bonus cash you have to wager!
Real cash you can withdrawal.

What is a Slot Tournament?

Tournaments and Tourneys

A slot tournament (or tourney) allows slot players to interact and play with other slot machine enthusiasts. It feels like being live in a casino. The players select a number of slot machine games to participate.

The online casino determines the time frame for the contest and what slot machines are going to be a part of the tournament.

Slot machine tournaments vary from casino to casino.

Fixed Jackpots or Progressive Jackpots?

Sort of Online Jackpots

Progressive jackpots work in a different way than ´fixed jackpots´. A progressive Jack grows continually. In case of a fixed jackpot, the cash prize amount remains fixed till the jack(pot) is won!

Some info about Big Jackpot Winners

1) Bahir betted only 3.00 SEK and won a massive 546,000 SEK!

2) Jeanette made only 2 spins before reeling in an impressive 317,000 SEK

In the Major Millions and Cats slots games

Why are Live Dealer Games so popular?

Live Online Casino Games

Live games offer a special excitement: live action and face to face games.

They are widely available online thanks to modern technology.

You can enjoy the best of both worlds from your own home computer, iPad or other mobile devices. All you need is the internet and a webcam!

How does it work Live Dealers?

Live Dealers Technology

The used technology is not complicated in case you should think otherwise. There are 2 variants.

  1. Or the live dealing lady sits in a specific studio and is in real life playing games.
  2. Or the real casino playground is filmed where the croupier deals a game.

Both dealers are playing in front of a video camera. These images are beamed live to players anywhere in the world!

Where can you play live games?

Live Play Online Casinos

Not all online casinos offer live casino games! Besides this: not all games are represented in the live casino games field.


Online casinos supported by Evolution Gaming software and Ezugi software always have live games!

Check our list with Live Dealers Casinos

Is Boku safe?

Safe gambling with boku

The two-step authentication process is safer and more secure than using a credit or debit card, allowing users to pay with ease and confidences.

All deposits billed directly to the users´ mobile phone bill, cutting out any other unnecessary paper work and expenses.

Based in San Francisco with offices in Europe and Asia, BOKU reaches over 3 billion consumers worldwide. With localization and support in 32 languages, Boku operates in 65 countries, across 230 carriers globally.

How to start with Boku deposit?

Boku Phone billing

To activate BOKU Mobile Billing, simply enter your mobile phone number into BOKU´s ´Pay By Mobile page´, reply ´Y´ by text once you receive a confirmation SMS, and you will have authorized your purchase automatically.

Pay with just one tap (or, as we call it, 1-Tap).

Which devices are there to pay with Boku?

Phone Billing Devices

All! Payments can be arranged offline, online, mobile, desktop, console, even Smart TV.

Availability at online gambling sites: online casinos, mostly only accessible in UK, accept Boku as deposit payment method, paying with your phone bill.

What about Smart Gaming?

What is Smart Gaming?

´Smart Gaming´ is your assistant on the background. They broadcast all of these amazing live dealer games. They offer a wide range of regulated, live dealer gaming options, approved by OFCOM. Thanks to this software provider, we are able to access casino games on our Smart TV.

Smart Live Casino, based in UK, is probably the most popular TV casino. Their live games are presented by fully licensed croupiers. The streaming to your television happens in real-time. Also to your mobile phone or tablet.

Smart Live casino makes you love live blackjack, baccarat and roulette.

3D Slots on your tv

Play for real cash at the Smart Live casino. They offer a huge range of 3D slots games. You can access all of this via the app.

Live Roulette on tv
The televised version of live roulette is exact the same as the game in real casinos. A single zero European wheel is used. Each game is open for 1 minute to place your bets. New number being spun every 2 minutes.

Live Blackjack on tv
The streamed version of BJ is the ´standard´ one. The unique interface allows you to play your chosen hand while other players play their hand. So, everyone starts with the same 2 cards. Also the dealer will always start with the same cards too. The rest of the cards are not dealt to a particular hands, so players win based solely on their own decisions.

Sportbetting on tv
Bet on 16 different sports! It´s all there: statistics, Live Scores, Play-in, Live bets in many international leagues.

How to get a Players Rewards Card?

How do I get a PRC

Sign-Up at playersrewardscard.com
Your Players Rewards Card is valid until the expiry date shown on the front of your card.

A US players rewards card is a handy card for regular casino players. It is a sort of ewallet coupled to 20 mobile casinos.

You get emails with new offers, such as new bonuses, free coupons, free spins, new games, etc. Consider it as an easy alert system for players promotions.

You still have to sign up at the connected mobile casinos if you visit them for the first time.

Just making your deposits to the casinos is much comfortable because you do not have to fill in your financial information over and over again.

Your PRC does not influence the T&Cs or wagering requirements with regard to the several casinos´ conditions.

Finally, PRCs are just for usa players and the software is related to RTG. So, the casino games are all the same having a Real Time Gaming platform.

Can I play live dealer games in demo mode?

Live games in demo mode

This depends on the provider and the casino site. Most real money live dealer casinos don´t let you play in demo mode. Instead they do allow you to watch games that others are playing. We found one exception: Vegas2Web which has a Live Roulette Wheel where you can watch for free, but that´s all. They only allow Real money play.

In principle, Live games don´t have demo play available. That´s the basic principle. It seems the main reason why you can´t play live dealer games for free is because these games are quite expensive to run. There is all the equipment used to broadcast the game and of course the dealers (also called croupiers) involved.

When playing live casino games, you have to place real-money bets. By playing with real money, you´re helping the operator cover the cost of running the live dealer games. If you were able to play free live dealer games, operators wouldn´t be able to make a profit that easily.

Are live casinos online safe?

Are live casinos online safe and secure?

Yes they are. They have to be licensed just like any other online casino. And they have support if and when something goes wrong.

To understand the security of an online casino site, you first need to check whether the gaming provider is licensed. A safe and reliable casino publishes the origin and its gaming licenses on their homepage. The most popular gambling authorities include the United Kingdom and Malta. Conclusion: players who select a licensed casino will be safe when live gambling online.

The vast majority of online casinos offering live dealer games are perfectly safe. There are a few things that you can check to ensure that everything is being done above board. First of all, you must check that the online casino in question is fully licensed to operate in your country.

Can I play at live dealer casinos on my mobile device?

Play Live Games on your mobile phone

There is a large number of mobile live casinos that offer live dealer games.

Due to major improvements in the development of casino software, you may even find a dedicated iOS or Android app specifically for live casino games!

While it is entirely possible to play casinos and enjoy live dealer casino games via your phone or tablet, remember that if you are used to playing live dealer games on a desktop computer, switching to a mobile device may feel a little different at first, since the screen is much smaller.

The fact that mobile devices are smaller doesn´t mean it´s going to fall short on the number of games that you can play on the device. You still get the same amount of games you can access on your mobile device if not more.

Tip! Before downloading a game, check if the current version of your device is suited for the game you want to download.

Which live casino games should I try?

Which live games should I choose?

Well, the options are endless!

Depending entirely on the sort of gameplay you prefer, you could play live dealer games from many different genres.

Some of our favourites include; Immersive Roulette, Live Casino Hold’em, Live Blackjack VIP, and Live Three Card Poker.

If you are not sure which Live Casino suits your taste, try playing a few short rounds at the ones that catch your eye. You will quickly discover one of the many Live Casino games that delivers everything you need and wants from a Live Casino experience.

Must I download software before playing live dealer games

Download software for live games?

This depends entirely on the online casino you choose.

Many online casinos offer their top live casino games as an instant play option, along with the rest of their games.

However, there are a few online casinos which require their software to be downloaded in order to access the games. Always be sure to find out all of the information you´ll need before signing up at a new online casino for the first time.

Is My internet connection suitable for playing live casino games

Should I worry about my internet connection when playing live casino games?

A slow internet connection will definitely hinder the online gaming experience at a live dealer casino.

For the best live casino experience, your internet speed should be at least 25Mbps since all the live casino games are streamed in stunning HD.

A fast internet speed ensures that your video stream doesn´t spoils the fun for your live casino games play!

What are the benefits of playing in my own local currency?

Why play in my own currency at an online casino

With so many online casino players around the world enjoying online gambling, internet casinos now accept a wide range of currencies to appeal as many punters as possible.

When players sign up to a (for them) brand new casino, one of the first things they must do after their registration is choosing a currency and a payment method.

Our best advice: play in your own local currency as much as possible! And why?

  1. There will be no currency exchange fees. Almost always banks charge you if you need to convert your money to another currency. Playing in your own currency avoids these charges completely.
  2. Keeping track of your bets is much easier when you play in your own currency. When players need to convert the bets in their head to figure out how much money they are actually wagering, this can trigger the possibility for mistakes. Suppose you make a mistake in your calculation then you could potentially land up betting with far more money than you intended to. 

USA online gamblers

While it may be more difficult for some smaller countries to find casinos that accept their currency, players from the United States will have no problem finding casinos that accept the US-Dollar because almost all online casinos are accepting USD.

An Alround Solution!

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies are slowly becoming online gambler´s best friends thanks to the fact that they have no currency conversion fees. This digital decentralized currency breaks down the barriers between countries, becoming a true global form of payment that is valued the same regardless of where you are.

What is a Multi Platform Casino

Multiple Platform Casino

A multi platform casino, or multiple platform casino is an online casino that works with different software providers. The benefit for online gamblers is that they will have plenty of gaming options to choose from.

Instead of offering online casinos games of one single software platform, multi software casinos have joined forces with multiple gaming developers, resulting in a more extensive gaming library.

The best software companies

While there are plenty of software companies that develop a wide range of fun casino games, there are several gaming developers who are known to be the best in online, mobile gaming industry: Netent, Microgaming, Playtech, Evolution Gaming (excellent for Live Casino games) and some more.

Even on all devices

This allows players to enjoy a vast variety of casino games even when they are playing on different devices.

For more details about multiple platform casinos, we refer to our article with the title Best Multi Platform Casinos

Why inspect the banking page of a casino

Banking Page Advice for players

Yes! When you sign up at an online casino, the first thing you should do is investigate the casino´s Banking Page!

This page must include all information that is important for you as an online gambler. You will notice that with the best and most reliable casino providers, this information is provided in a great time.

You should find here in-depth information about the accepted currencies, deposit and cashout methods (preferred withdrawal method in your country), processing times, fees, and transaction limits.

If one aspect of this basic information is not or insufficiently explained, contact first and immediately the customer support by email or start the live chat if available. They are there to help you, don´t forget that!

What Does RTP Mean for Online Slots

RTP is the abbreviation for ´Return-to-player´.

RTP Playing Slots Online

RTP is the amount of all wagered money paid back to players over time. When choosing an online slot machine, the higher the RTP, the better your chances are of winning.

Or formulated vice versa: the ´Return to Player value´ gives online casino players an idea in advance, an estimate of how much money they can lose when playing a particular title. Slot games are completely random, thanks to their RNG technology, but the Return to Player value gives a helpful indication.

For experienced slots players, one of the most important pieces of information about a casino game is its RTP.

An example

We take Starburst slot as an example. NetEnt as software provider tells us that the RTP for Starburst is 96.1%. Theoretically, that means that players will get back 96.1% of the money they wager.

Of course, this doesn´t mean that for every £,€,$100 wagered on Starburst a player will necessarily win back £,€,$96.10. This statement is not totally correct: RTP is calculated over the long-term, not per wager.

So a player could walk away with an £,€$80 win on a £,€$10 wager or with a completely empty bankroll.

General RTP standards

What Are Megaways Slots

Megaways Slots

Megaways slots are some of the best and most online played after video slots. The trigger of their success is the fact that they allow  huge wins attached to the games.

Ways to win

Do not freak out: some Megaways slots feature an up to 117,649 ways to win configuration. That sounds complicated and it is! The confusion comes from them operating as multi-line slots, but here comes the twist: the Megaways mechanics eliminate paylines all together in these types of slots.

How Do Megaways Slots Work

As we have mentioned above, Megaways is a random reel modifier mechanism that produces a different number of symbols on each spin and therefore creates thousands of ways to win. The beauty of these slots is that, contrary to 5-reel and 3-reel slots, the number of reels and ways to win is dynamic and changes each time you spin a Megaways slot.

In other words: the Megaways are an advanced version of the 243 ways to win 5-reel reel slots. The difference here is in the number of reels and the symbols that can land on those reels. While 243 ways slots come set with 5 reels and 3 rows, Megaways slots usually feature 6 reels and dynamic rows and, sometimes even an extra horizontal 4-symbol reel above the play area.

The way it works is that on every spin, you can land 2 to 7 symbols on each reel, consequently shifting rows into a layout. By shifting rows, your different ways to win change accordingly and can increase (or decrease) up to 117,649 times.

All questions from our players

We receive a lot of requests for information, especially from new players. We do our best to give our players good information. Each new question will be added here.