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Information about the worldwide major online gambling jurisdictions, Online Casino Jurisdictions: Understanding the Differences and Significance

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Exploring Major Online Gambling Jurisdictions and Licensing Authorities

Online gambling laws are different in all regions around the world. That´s why we thought it would be a good idea to pay a little more attention in detail to this very important part of online casinos. More specifically, we think it is necessary to provide as many as possible details on the major online gambling jurisdictions and the licensing authorities which regulate the online gambling industry on our platform.

What is an Online Gambling Jurisdiction

Especially for online gamblers who are taking a step into the gambling world for the first time, we first explain what a gambling jurisdiction actually is.

To be clear: a gambling jurisdiction refers to the region where specific conditions⁄legislation apply to that particular region in order to be allowed to offer an online casino.

In addition, you have the licensing authorities, being allowed to license and regulate companies that operate online gambling sites or provide industry services (such as the supply of gaming software) and control the operating online casinos. In other words: we talk here about organizations⁄ authorities that are responsible for issuing licenses and regulating these licensees they have issued.

Each online gambling site should hold a betting or gaming license issued by an appropriate licensing authority.

Is there much difference per jurisdiction

Yes! Some jurisdictions are very strict, while others are much more relaxed. With as a consequence online casino operators are not subject to the same standard of regulation!

Warning! Being a novice online gambler, you will more than likely not pay attention to the license of the casino you are visiting. Like any starter, all your attention goes to the sign up bonus and the free spins or free money it promotes. The more you delve into this matter, and after you have gained the necessary experience playing in online casinos, the more you will take the casino license into account in the future.

Below we discuss each gambling jurisdiction alphabetically in more detail.

Alderney gambling jurisdiction

Alderney is one of the most respected online gambling jurisdictions. The licensing authority here is the Alderney Gaming Control Commission (AGCC) and they have very strict rules and regulations for their licensees. A plethora of the best overall sites is licensed by the AGCC, which generally guarantees that they are a reputable operation.

Alderney is an option for gambling sites wishing to offer their services to UK residents.

For players, this means that they visit a reliable casino.

Anjouan gambling jurisdiction

Licenses for online betting and gaming are only issued to Anjouan companies. At the moment, we are only aware of one group of casinos currently licensed in Anjouan, and that is the Slotland group online casinos, representing Slotland casino, CryptoSlots casino and Win a Day casino. All 3 with proprietary software, meaning in-house-made, exclusive games.

Antigua and Barbuda gambling jurisdiction

Antigua and Barbuda country in the Caribbean was one of the first regions to establish itself as an online gambling jurisdiction. At one time they had more licensees than any other licensing authority in the industry. The regulatory body responsible for all online gambling activity in Antigua and Barbuda is the Directorate of Offshore Gaming.

Antigua and Barbuda licensed casinos sites here are able to offer their services to residents of the United Kingdom, provided being on the UK Gambling Commission´s white-list of gambling jurisdictions.

Belgium gambling jurisdiction

Currently, it is possible for foreign online casinos to obtain a Belgium gaming license but the requirements and the application process are difficult. All gambling activities are regulated in Belgium through the ´Kansspel Commissie´. All casino operators must be certified and approved by the Government. Anno 2022 only a few outside companies are operating legally in the country.

Online casinos are no longer permitted to advertise bonuses to Belgium players.

In addition, credit card deposits are no longer allowed.

Meanwhile, the Belgian government is considering raising the bar for online gambling from 18 to 21 years of age.

Comoros gambling jurisdiction

Anjouan = Comoros islands. Anjouan is one of the islands that form part of the archipelago nation of the Comoros islands.

Costa Rica gambling jurisdiction

Costa Rica is home to many online gambling sites. Casino providers do have to be licensed to operate legally from within the region. However, specific betting and gaming licenses are not required. They just need a general license, which is relatively easy to obtain. Costa Ricans are not allowed to gamble online.

The current situation is that it is legal for companies to offer online gambling services from Costa Rica, provided they don´t offer them to residents of the Costa Rica region.

Gambling sites based in Costa Rica can not market their services to UK residents.

Because of this distinct lack of regulation, we do not recommend heartily to play at Costa Rica licensed online casinos. They are not all reliable!

Curacao gambling jurisdiction

Curacao has become a hub for many online casino operations. Being one of the oldest organizations, the authority CIGA (the Curacao Internet Gaming Association) issues a single master license to eligible operators, covering all forms of gambling.

In general, it is quite easy and cheap to obtain a casino license and thus start an online casino in Curacao. This doesn´t sound very reassuring to players. For example, a consequence of this easy trade is that the government of Curacao will not get involved in disputes between online casino operators and players. This leaves gamblers with little to no protection when gambling at a Curacao-based online casino.

Note! There are no established clear timelines for getting paid!

Conclusion: a licensing seal from Curacao does not offer much credibility to a casino site. However, that does not mean all the sites would be not credible or should be avoided. Nowadays it is one of the few licenses with a questionable reputation in the iGaming community. Do your research before starting to play!

Cyprus gambling jurisdiction

The Cyprus Gaming and Casino Supervision Commission, known as the Cyprus Gaming Commission (CGC) was established in 2015. Besides, the National Betting Authority (NBA) was established, being responsible for examining applications, and licensing, auditing and supervising online betting operators.

For each online casino active in the country, a Cyprus online gaming license is required.

Denmark gambling jurisdiction

Online gambling is completely regulated in Denmark, but it is divided into sections based on the game type. Operators are allowed to apply for licenses for all types of betting including casino play, online poker and sports betting.

The Danish Gambling Authority (SKAT for short), offers licenses based on a number of criteria. This licensing process first went into effect in 2012, and they have licensed a few dozen companies since then.

Denmark licensed casinos are very good about providing protections for their players, and they only allow online gambling on sites that are licensed in the country.

Gibraltar gambling jurisdiction

Gibraltar has developed a very good reputation as one of the leading online gambling jurisdictions. The strict regulations ensure that a license from Gibraltar is well respected. A lot of gambling operators, particularly those from the UK, have chosen to locate their operations in Gibraltar.

Note! Gibraltar does require that online casinos may not direct their services to any jurisdiction whatsoever in which gambling may be against the law. It is for that reason that many online gambling companies licensed by Gibraltar may choose to avoid specific states or provinces within individual countries, or may avoid some countries altogether.

One thing that makes dealing with casinos in Gibraltar rather easy for the bettor is that those casinos require only verifying a player´s full name, residential address and date of birth.

So, as a result, gambling sites licensed in Gibraltar are able to offer their services to residential UK players.

Gibraltar has an excellent reputation, you can play online bets in trust! Many online casinos licensed through Gibraltar are perfectly legitimate.

Isle of Man gambling jurisdiction

The Isle of Man is a well-established licensing jurisdiction. Licenses are issued by the Gambling Supervision Commission (GSC). The conditions for an online casino to be licensed are very strict.

Online gambling sites licensed in the Isle of Man are allowed to offer their services to UK resident players.

Italy gambling jurisdiction

The gambling industry in Italy is handled by the Amministrazione Autonoma dei Monopoli di Stato (AAMS), or Autonomous Administration of the State Monopolies. AAMS has full control of the monitoring and regulation of gaming. Online casino operators providing gambling services to Italian punters are required to obtain a license, which is an excellent benefit for Italian gamblers.

AAMS initially granted gaming licenses to operators located in Italy. However, this procedure was eventually expanded to include those companies based within the European Union.

There have been many changes in legislation over the past years. At present, approx 35 online casino operators have received a license.

Kahnawake gambling jurisdiction

Kahnawake (Canada) was one of the first online gambling jurisdictions to be established. It is home to several well-known online operators. The Kahnawake Gaming Commission (KGC) issues licenses to betting and gaming companies. It regulates all forms of gambling. Kahnawake has different standards than other licensing jurisdictions. In recent years, the Kahnawake Gaming Commission has become a bit more serious about giving licenses to online casinos. As a result, the Kahnawake license is generally a sign of a fairly reputable casino today. 

Kahnawake prohibits any individuals who are not eighteen years of age from participating in online gambling.

Malta gambling jurisdiction

Malta is one of the largest online gambling jurisdictions within the European Union. It was the first within the EU to introduce regulation of online gambling. Online casinos licensed through Malta are subject to the regulations of the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA).

Malta is a generally strong regulator when it comes to the online casinos it chooses to license. Several of the casinos powered by Microgaming software are licensed through Malta.

With respect to the minimum age requirement to allow a player to play, the casino must ensure that all customers are at least eighteen years of age.

Online casino operators with a Maltese gaming license are allowed to offer their services to UK residents.

Panama gambling jurisdiction

Legislation of licensing in Panama is controlled by the Panama Gaming Control Board (PGCB). All software is regulated ensuring they meet the required standards for all games offered and meet the approval of the jurisdiction of Panama.

Player Protection: all software is regulated ensuring they meet the required standards for all games offered and meet the approval of the jurisdiction of Panama.

However, due to the ease of obtaining a license with limited restrictions, it opens the virtual door to a wider range of operators that could lead to lower standards than other jurisdictions permit.

Spain gambling jurisdiction

Spain´s gambling market is among the largest in Europe! All forms of gambling are regulated in this country. The National Gambling Commission (NGC) grants the licenses. There are several requirements that casino operators must fulfil before they can apply for a license.

Visit our list of all the online casinos licensed in Spain.

Sweden gambling jurisdiction

Sweden is a highly regulated gambling market. Sweden jurisdiction is governed by the Swedish Gambling Authority GA with strict player protection and gambling addiction prevention. All transactions that players make must be registered.

A bonus may be offered by a Sweden licensed online casino only on the first gambling occasion⁄sign up. Meaning new players signing up to licensed casinos will receive one bonus on their first deposit, and that´s it. Additionally, no tournaments or cashback can be promoted.

United Kingdom gambling jurisdiction

Gambling in the UK is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission (UKGC). Gambling advertising in Great Britain is restricted to operators that are licensed by the Gambling Commission, including Gibraltar and white-listed jurisdictions.

As of May 2019 every UK licensed casino operator will need to verify all new and existing players´ names, addresses and dates of birth.

Credit Card Gambling was banned in April 2020. This means that all UKGC licensed casinos cannot accept deposits via credit cards. Debit cards are allowed. Credit Cards that were added before April 2020 will not be enabled for deposit purposes, only for withdrawals.

Online Gambling Jurisdiction FAQ

What is an online gambling jurisdiction?

An online gambling jurisdiction refers to the region or governing body that regulates and licenses online casinos. It sets the specific conditions and legislation that online casinos must adhere to in order to operate legally.

Why is the jurisdiction of an online casino important?

The jurisdiction of an online casino determines the level of regulation, player protection, and fairness standards enforced. It can impact the reliability, trustworthiness, and legal compliance of the casino. Players should consider the jurisdiction to ensure a safe and secure gambling experience.

Are all online gambling jurisdictions the same?

No, there are significant differences among jurisdictions. Some jurisdictions have strict regulations and stringent licensing processes, while others may have more relaxed requirements. The level of player protection, oversight, and accountability can vary greatly.

How can I find out which jurisdiction an online casino is licensed in?

Most reputable online casinos display their licensing information at the bottom of their website. This usually includes the name of the jurisdiction and the licensing authority. You can also verify the license by checking with the respective licensing authority´s website.

Which are some well–respected online gambling jurisdictions?

Several jurisdictions are known for their strong regulatory frameworks and reputable licensing authorities. Some examples include the United Kingdom, Malta, Gibraltar, Isle of Man, and Alderney. These jurisdictions have stringent requirements and provide a high level of player protection.

Are there any jurisdictions that I should be cautious about?

While not all online casinos licensed in a particular jurisdiction are unreliable, some jurisdictions may have less stringent regulations or weaker player protections. Curacao is often cited as a jurisdiction with more lenient requirements. It is important to research and choose reputable casinos regardless of the jurisdiction.

Can I play at an online casino licensed in a different jurisdiction?

Yes, you can play at online casinos licensed in different jurisdictions, provided that they accept players from your country of residence. However, it is essential to ensure that the casino is legally allowed to operate in your jurisdiction and complies with local laws.

What should I consider besides the jurisdiction when choosing an online casino?

While the jurisdiction is an important factor, other considerations include the casino´s reputation, game selection, customer support, payment options, bonuses, and overall user experience. We advise you to read reviews, check player feedback, and do decent research before choosing an online casino.


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