Tips for roulette

Tips and strategy for roulette

Roulette Strategy for starting players

Online roulette is very popular and played by online gamblers all over the world. The game is very visual; you see the action immediately when the ball rolls. Anxiously awaits the player until the ball stops anywhere in the wheel to evaluate the results of his bet. Did he win? Did he loose? cash in? cash out?

After several losses, each gambler is wondering whether or not there can be find roulette strategies somewhere on the Internet or explained on YouTube by so called ´roulette gurus´. Especially since it appears that online and mobile roulette players are also very superstitious.

You can go around sniffing but the first conclusion is ´nonsense´. Until today, no one has demonstrated such a reliable strategy to play online roulette. By our own experience, we can give you a few tips to play online roulette to maximize your profits and⁄or minimize your losses but they do not guarantee millions unless you are really lucky at that specific moment playing at you luck roulette table. Here we go:

Learn from your gaming behavior

You must try out and develop a for yourself ´suitable´ roulette play system. Turn your system in your memory so you can rely on it at all times, even in times of stress, when you have to make important bet decisions because you do not have much time between the bets.

On average the roulette wheel spins 3 times per minute, so that is about almost 200 time per hour which means a lot of bets and huge amounts of real cash are turning around. Therefore, think of a consistent, easy and clear roulette strategy. Keep it simple, for example do not play each round, take your time, the roulette wheel plays night and day.

Variants within online roulette

When you have decided to play mobile roulette, make sure what type of roulette game you want to play. There are two important roulette variants: the American roulette system and the European one. If you like to bet on the ´0´ (zero), then play the American roulette version. However, if you like to bet on the other figures, or just red⁄black, or odd⁄even etc. then play the European Roulette. Why? Because the chance that the ball falls in the ´0´ is a lot smaller. This play method increases your win chances.

Kind of gambler are you

Play more numbers

Roulette gets you extra fun with so-called ´combined bets´. Suppose you have favorite numbers, such as 8, 10, 11, 13. These are all black. Try out to bet the same amount of cash on red. Another 5 or 10 euros on the first 12. If the number does not fall, but the color is correct, or he falls within that first 12, maybe you play even.

Hold to your strategy

After your ´study time´-games, collect all your knowledge and experience built up in the mean time and start with your own roulette system. Again, start with on tables with free or small stakes! Like football coaches: train your strategy, fine tune and stick to it.

Final Wise Roulette Advice

This tip has nothing to do with strategy but all with common sense. Do not bet with cash you can NOT afford to lose. Do not expect to win all the time. On the contrary, if you lose a few times in a row do not consider it as ´injustice´ of the casino. Stop playing if you get the feeling that the casino does not cooperate well with your bets. Try it again on a different moment of the day! Here is our list of live casinos!