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Proprietary software online games are characterised as being high quality games with realistic graphic animations. Also became famous for their terrific jackpot slots games. In general, the minimum deposit is about €$£10, sometimes 20. Proprietary software is at regulary base updated. The number of online casinos that use only proprietary software is plummeting. Proprietary fact means that these casinos build their own software in-house, which is obviously an expensive undertaking. Their computer programs are exclusive property of the casino software developers. So, other casinos may not copy or use without complying with their licensing agreements.
Proprietary software is an online gaming platform developed by the casino itself. Some of the biggest names in the gambling industry make use of this kind of platform. If you want to try one of these very, truly unique casinos, take a look at our list above of proprietary software casinos. More and more they take licenses from other software platforms in addition to their own software platform. The result is that they also offer Netent, Microgaming and Playtech games.
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